Brezza & JP DJ – SNR Showcase 004 (Sleepless Nights Recordings)

Brezza & JP DJ return to Sleepless Nights Recordings for the fourth edition of the labels SNR Showcase.


Brezza & JP DJ made their debut on Sleepless Nights Recordings in February of 2014. The Italian duo dropped their ‘The Cage’ single which included a remix from Ireland’s Gary MacDonald. The 23rd release on the label now sees Brezza and JP DJ returning for the fourth installment of the prestigious SNR showcase. Fans of the duo and quality progressive house in general should be excited as the Sleepless Nights extended EP series is one of the best outlets for an artist to truly showcase a broad section of their work.

The guys at SNR (Soulfinder and Vincent Furlong) seem to have a knack for signing the purest and most timeless sounding progressive music. Brezza and JP’s first single ‘The Cage’ was an excellent example of that and all five of the selections to choose from here are as well. The first track ‘Leon’ really shines with its softly textured tones, delicate vocal samples and bubbly melodic trails. It’s sets a warm and inviting atmosphere which not only captivates you but makes you want to hear more. The tracks unassuming beauty leads nicely into the second cut ‘Macro’ which is a wonderfully deep and spacey composition. There’s a lot to like about this whether it be the delicate nature of the production or its overall restrained elegance. The parts are achingly beautiful from its glowing atmospheric swells to the subtle hypnotic waves which provide just the right amount of floaty rhythms.

‘Look At Me’ ups the energy and tempo just a touch but still falls well in line with the EPs soft mesmerizing glow. It’s beefed up drums make it ideal for the dance floor and those well timed atmospheric sweeps are a lesson in tension filled beauty. Track four ‘Who Are You’ continues where the energy and tempo of ‘Look at Me’ left off. There’s a bit more bounce and even a bigger riff which gets showcased nicely during the main breakdown. The build out of the break is really captivating and might be the biggest moment on the EP. It’s gradual rise in tension culminates with the drummy groove returning and evolving with a bevy of hook heavy rhythms which provide an exhilarating conclusion.

The EPs final selection ‘I Lose’ is perhaps its most emotional and works unbelievably well as a closing piece. It’s hazy vocal gates, gaseous atmospheres and playful rhythms all come together for a blissful journey that definitely leaves you wanting to hear more from these two producers. The interesting thing about this EP is there really isn’t a lead or showcase piece but rather a collection of music that stands incredibly strong as a sum of its well constructed parts. Great release from Sleepless Nights and looking forward to hearing more from Brezza and JP DJ.

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