BRLEE Rework’s Giana Factory’s Rainbow Girl

Slovenian artist BRLEE headed out to Ibiza and bagged himself a residency at Bora Bora. He’s never looked back since!

Hi tell us about you. How did you come up with name BRLEE? What does it mean?

BRLEE: I come from Slovenia, specifically a town called Velenje. I have been a DJ for 15 years and I have been producing for the last 10 years. Ever since we launched Overload Records label I have been super active all around. The name was invented after my surname and it was given to me as a child.

Talk to us about the music scene where you’re based plus how often are you playing?

BRLEE: Techno, Tech-House and Deep House scene in Slovenia is well represented by artists like Umek, Valentino Kanzyani, Aney F. and myself. I play practically all weekends throughout the year. The main problem with our scene is that despite best efforts from organizers and everyone connected to it, our biggest and most famous club that has hosted all the biggest stars in the past is about to be closed. However I believe there is a major opportunity to push the scene forward, help it evolve and enable many young, promising DJs to succeed.

What are the biggest achievements you’re most proud of?

BRLEE: I would say one of the bigger ones and the one that actually caused all this movement was visiting Ibiza, playing in their clubs like Space Ibiza, residence in Bora Bora and many other clubs around the island. Discovering my style and rediscovering myself. That was followed by the launch of the record label and finally residency in the last year of Ambasada Gavioli.

How difficult was it getting people in the industry to take you seriously and what strategies did you use to get people’s attention.

BRLEE: It was quite difficult in 15 years of my career to say the least, but as I have mentioned visiting Ibiza gave me motivation and things got a lot simpler since. I changed my personality, changed my style, changed my appearance; basically everything was different and fresh. New ideas kept coming in and everything has gone really well since I visited that magical island.

You formed Overload Records in 2016. Where does the label name come from? Who would you count on as your core label artists?

BRLEE: Overload label name got its name from my 1st party that I organized in 2002. This name has many meanings, so we decided to keep the name, it also describes us. Overload records has a specific sound and melody that we follow. Our core members in Overload records are Brlee, Marc Grabber and Cajhen, followed by foregin producers, like Alex Sharp (Amsterdam), Bols (Norway) and Unique (Croatia).

What support do you give your artists?

BRLEE: I gave a lot of support to our members in teaching to organize events, bookings, producing. We spend a lot of time together, supporting eachother and making new music in our studio in Ljubljana. We are really connected with echother, witch makes our label even better.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the track we’re giving away for you on our Soundcloud.

BRLEE: I was travelling from back from a party and felt really tired and then this song came on the radio and it woke me up right away. The energy kind of took over me and got me thinking of remixing it right away.

It made us spend our last mobile data, using Shazam to get the name of original song “Giana Factory, Rainbow girl”.

When I got home, I spent the rest of the day editing this song. I was very satisfied with the finished track.

What new stuff can we expect from you soon

BRLEE: Priority in 2018 for me will be production in studio, making new sounds for labels around the world and our label Overload records, witch has one release per month. I have also bookings all around the Europe for whole year. I will spend my summer on Ibiza, playing music and following my dreams.


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