C-Jay – Neumagen Drohn (The Sessions Recordings)

The latest release on the The Sessions Recordings finds label boss C-Jay back in the spotlight with a new single entitled ‘Neumagen Drohn’.


We last heard from the long standing Dutch imprint with its retrospective compilation ‘Collected Sessions’ which was released in March of this year. Dutch producer and Sessions boss C-Jay has been quiet since July of 2014 so it’s a nice surprise to finally see some new music from him, ‘Neumagen Drohn’ is his latest and comes with a remix from the always excellent Moshic.

Word has is that C-Jay has been locked away in the studio working on an ambient/electronica style LP this year but somewhere along the way he found the time to craft this prog/tech club bomb. The crispness of production and detailed electronics are immediately striking as the track gets underway. The electric sounding groove is powerful and those accompanying stabs deliver some meanness which just furthers the sinister mood. As the piece builds, lighter tones add contrast and some more distinctive lines provide a mesmerising, vortex like effect. The unique thing here is it’s pretty much void of any breakdown and it’s endless building style provides huge exhilaration with sheets of white noise eventually exploding for the ultimate finale. Massive tune from C-Jay.

The lone interpretation of ‘Neumagon Drohn’ is provided by Moshic who is making his first appearance on The Sessions. The Israeli producer and Contrast Records label boss has been loved in the electronic music underground since his early releases on Cyber Records, Pitch Black and Plastica. Almost 15 years have passed since then and the Moshic sound has evolved into something equally exciting. His hybrid style is perfect for today’s progressive underground and his ‘Neumagen Drohn’ interpretation is on the money once again. Reshaped stabs and a buzzing atmospheric tension makes for a huge first act before the groove strips down into act two. Moshic’s added some great elements here; the cross-cultural vocal pads are immediately alluring and against that dark electronic underbelly they sound absolutely fabulous. It’s that distinct cadence that most Moshic productions have which make this such a pleasure to listen to though and the transition out of the final breakdown is pretty deadly as well. Brilliant work from Moshic and a top notch release from C-Jay’s The Sessions Recordings. Don’t miss it.

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