Chicola: What’s In Your Box

Lost & Found’s Chicola checks in for the latest edition of What’s In Your Box

1. Chicola – Yoav [Lost & Found]

This is a track from my forthcoming album, it’s a melody my son wrote on his own and I produced the track around that. The melody is out of this world and special to me.

2. Chicola – Come To Dust [Tenampa]

Super powerful track I really like to play all the time. The drop is a really cool and always gets a big reaction on the floor.

3. Cornucopia – Letter For Poly [Tale & Tone]

This is Cornucopia

4. Guy J – On The Go [Bedrock Records]

This is a mayhem track. One of the coolest track I have in my box at the moment.

5. Chicola – Side Chain Memory [Sudbeat]

This is one of my secret weapons for the last several months. Love the drive it has.

6. Khen – Shdemot Dvora [Unreleased]

No need to introduce this little fella. Dance floor Bomb!

7. Third Son ft. Haptic – Climb To The Sun (Guy J Field Trip Remix) [microCastle]

Tears in Heaven track. Stunning work from Mr Lost.

8. Chicola – The Cannibal [Tenampa]

This is a cool groove with a great percussive vibe. One of my favorite tracks in each set I play.

9. Eitan Reiter & Muzarco – Oh Death (Dub Version) [Plattenbank]

I am a big fan of Eitan Reiter. He always makes these crazy grooves. Super talented producer.

10. Chicola – Clockers [Sudbeat]

This is the original version I made which is out soon on Sudbeat. The break is insane and the buildup is hectic.

‘Come to Dust’ is out now on Tenampa, you can purchase the release: here

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