Chris Cargo – Paragon (Soundteller Records)

Deersky’s Soundteller Records returns this week with a brand new EP from Chris Cargo.

For those unfamiliar with the Irish artist he was an integral part of the progressive house movement that happened in the late nineties. Perhaps best known for his productions on Mara’s Choo Choo label, Chris also appeared on Renaissance, Automatic Records and our own Release Records imprint with a remix of Nugen ‘Emotion’. Soundteller seems to have a knack for bringing back forgotten talent ala Greg Benz and Chris Micali earlier this year and they’ve done it again here as this is Chris’ first new music in roughly seven years!

If you’re a long time follower of progressive house you know Chris’ productions to be tight, dynamic and very dance floor friendly. Choo Choo Records had a dark chuggy sound back then and his music was perfect for it. Fast forward nearly 20 years and with the reassurance of progressive music it’s an ideal fit. The lead track ‘Gravity’ is aptly coined with its spacey atmospheres and astral designs but the punchy, rolling groove and crisp drums make it perfect for the dance floor. A classy build out of the break makes those acid rhythms feel all the more powerful and layers of meditative hypnotics provide a deadly third act.

The companion piece ‘Paragon’ comes with a more deliberate, tech house inspired framework but the proggy sensibility remains. A slow burning melodic narrative comes to fruition as the second act takes shape, eventually breaking down with some gorgeous vocal elements grabbing your attention. Hypnotic synths lead the way into a more emotive third act where some classic chord changes tug at your heartstrings just enough, avoiding being too over the top and delivering the perfect road home. It’s great to see new music from Chris and two stunning pieces at that, respect to Deersky and Soundteller for sourcing these out and giving a pioneer of the genre a chance to shine again. Highly recommended.


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