Christos Fourkis – Late At Night (Mistique Music)

The latest release on Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music welcomes Christos Fourkis back to the label for a brand new single.

Christos Fourkis - Late At Night

It’s been well over four years since the Greek producer has appeared on the global imprint. Christos’ take on deep house has proved to be quite alluring, in fact hardly a week goes by that you don’t see one of his tracks licensed to a compilation of some sort. For his long awaited return to Mistique Music Christos presents his first single of 2016 entitled ‘Late At Night’ alongside remixes from Audioglider and Rogier. 

Many electronic music fans fell in love with Christos with his releases on Spring Tube and Ready Mix Records. His deep, atmospheric grooves are a welcome addition to any project and they always come with a great dance floor sensibility. On the aptly titled ‘Late At Night’ we find Christos crafting a dubby late night vibe with sultry bass lines and haunting motifs leading the way. It’s atmospheric drift is incredibly serene and takes the track with ease into the main break. Warm textural overlays soon encompass the piece as the drums fade out and a lead piano theme gets introduced. Delicately gorgeous, it certainly pulls at your heart strings and once the warm beats drop back in you just wish it would never end. Lovely work from Christos.

The two aforementioned remixes also provide a really unique take on the track. First up and fresh off several outings on the 238W family of labels, Audioglider makes his debut appearance on Mistique taking the track into driving yet dreamier territory. A unique take on the lead theme and some complementary motifs makes for a very captivating first act. It’s rolling groove builds a wonderful momentum as rhythmic stabs and smooth hypnotics carry it into the main break. Highlighted with offset tones and gleaming keys, it’s a wonderful moment which encompasses all the positive energy from the tracks beginnings, and ultimately sets up a rocking third act which has dance floor success written all over it. Beautiful interpretation from Audioglider which opens the original up to the more progressive oriented rooms out there.

The release concludes with Rogier making his third appearance on the label and turning a deep and warm interpretation in his own inimitable style. A long time collaborator with Stage Van H, Rogier has been working solo as of late with recent appearances on Just Movement and Aethereal being just some of the highlights. For as deep and beautiful as the original is Rogier has managed to inject his own subtle touches for a superb remix. Anchored by one of his trademark chugging grooves it doesn’t take long before the energy sucks you right in. The lead motif makes an appearance, although somewhat indistinctly, during the first act, and carries nicely into the main break where it shimmers in a moment of standalone beauty. Expertly executed, the break flows through several serene moments and avoids any large build or dramatic flashes, before the groove returns with a smooth rush for a great finale. Solid remix from Rogier and a great release from Mistique Music. Don’t miss it.


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