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Cid Inc – Guardian (Lost & Found)

Lost & Found kick off 2015 with a fantastic record from Cid Inc, backed by a fittingly kick-ass remix from Bedrock legend Nick Muir.

Cid Inc’s original version of ‘Guardian’ is burbling and melodic, with an effortless cool bassline, characteristically propulsive percussion, and a deeply melancholy and evocative flute part that floats beautifully over the composition. Cid Inc’s arrangement keeps things simple, but it’s all the more powerful for that. Excellent stuff, and one of Cid Inc’s best originals to date.

Nick Muir’s take on ‘Guardian’ hits hard from the off, building a strong, hypnotic sound, before delicate flourishes of melody carry us to the introduction of the gigantic, swaying bassline. Muir’s remix is groovier and techier than the original, driven by that bass and an electrifying, chattering main line, though Cid Inc’s melodic theme is well-utilised to add welcome splashes of emotion to the track’s breakdowns.

This is another terrific offering from Lost & Found – I slightly prefer Cid Inc’s original of the two versions, but it’s a close run thing. 8.5/10


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