CJ Peeton – History LP (Stellar Fountain)

After a remarkable performance with ‘Mesmerized LP Part 2’ CJ Peeton continue to paint a multicolor picture on his & Stellar Fountain’s musical canvas, with full-blooded impressions taken from the world of chilling breaks, deep, funky & progressive house, mixed together as one whole story. ‘Reality’ starts with a long intro, turns into a floating theme of snappy synth notes.’Dark & Deep’ is an epic piece with a hypnotic melody, melting the dark and deep side of house.In ‘Plastic Ocean’ we have a special guest, David Attenborough who talks about useless plastic which waste the ocean’s water. The narrative voice fits into a massive, progressive oriented musical background.

‘Pumpin’ is a viable funky house piece, with all the exploding power makes it working on the dancefloor.’Loser’ will hit the heart of anthem seekers, this one is catch the attention from the very first second, leading to an euphoric, almost trancy breakdown. ‘History’ is a flashback on early, non-commercial state of house music, the black speech in the background sets the ground for the boungy baseline and the rhode chords.’Voices In My Head’ is a nice crossover of vocoder driven vocals, bursting grooves and subtle strings.’Good Story’ combines the playfulness of funk, and the true roots of house music, spoting on the underground vibration’Perfect Memory’ slow down the rush and breaking the beats while bring some beautiful, fragile soundscapes based on a piano melody.

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