The CLU – Didgeridoo Premiere on Blue Dye

The CLU join Blue Dye this July with ‘The Collective Universe Vol.1’, a nine-track collection from the production collective.

Blue Dye was founded in Munich back in 2011 and since its inception has released material from the likes of Pezzner, Jay Tripwire, Cristoph and Joeski amongst others. Here though we see Blue Dye introducer The CLU, an abbreviation of The Collective Universe, a collective of producers taking the faceless, music first approach and drawing inspiration from sounds across the globe, as perfectly showcased in their inaugural release here, the nine track compilation ‘The Collective Universe Vol.1’ embracing a lounge/chill-out aesthetic. The whole project was mastered and finalised by Cologne based powerhouse producer Robert Babicz.

‘Didgeridoo’, as the name would suggest, employs the Australian wind instrument alongside plucked strings, bright piano chords and fluttering synths.

The CLU’s ‘The Collective Universe Vol.1’ is out on Blue Dye 6th July 2018.


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