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Cody Chase Unveils a Hard-hitting Techno Track ‘Supernova’

Talented Producer Cody Chase is making his debut on Nova Collective with his tasteful, yet gripping new single ‘Supernova,’ out on August 25th. A surefire smash production, Cody has skilfully infused elements of Techno, creating a fusion that takes listeners on an immersive journey.  

Following the releases of his latest Tech House productions, an EP titled ‘Stay Tuned,’ and his tracks ‘Slinger’ and ‘You Said’, to great recognition from his followers and peers, the unstoppable artist strikes back with another powerful track that highlights his skills as a Producer, while displaying his sound and driving style in full force. 

A highly energetic listening experience of its own, ‘Supernova’ showcases Chase’s dynamic sound, production prowess and raw energy; further cementing him as one of the most exciting and inventive names in Tech House. ‘Supernova’ is a track that’s menacing by design, featuring a hard-hitting pounding beat with a powerful driving bassline, with an uplifting synth line that guides the track through striking drops and panned sonic elements. Where the wobbly and energetic bassline shines, the song allows for a mighty release ready to be unleashed on the dance floor. 

Once again demonstrating his technical excellence, ‘Supernova’ is all gas, no breaks. Holstering a palpable swagger from the jump, the track opens with a slew of distorted synths and warbles before descending into a frenzy of raucous beatwork. From start to finish, Cody commands control with bestial growls, high-octane syncopation, and a pummeling bassline fit for any and every corner of Tech House’s music’s empire.

Cody Chase manages to cultivate a gripping sound of his own with his energetic new track ‘Supernova.’ With top-quality production and a hard-hitting, polished sound in tow, Chase is catapulting toward the upper echelons of Tech House with every riveting release. Cody’s poised to reignite dance floors around the globe, with his unrivaled talent and rich experiences, promising audiences an unforgettable, ever-evolving musical journey.  

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