Cream & Deep Fog – Shadows of the Wind Part 2 (Electronic Tree)

The latest release on Tuxedo’s Electronic Tree imprint finds the label showcasing Part 2 of Cream & Deep Fog’s ‘Shadows of the Wind’ remix collection.

Cream & Deep Fog - Shadows of the Wind Part 2

Original released in late October the warm, emotive piece was accompanied by a strong selection of remixes from GMJ, Simos Tagias and Lucas Rossi. Now for Electronic Tree’s 166th release we see Part 2 where Vitaly Shturm, Zan Prevee and David Podhel present their interpretations. 

The first remix of ‘Shadows of the Wind’ is provided by Vitaly Shturm who is making his second appearance on Electronic Tree. The Russian producer made his debut on the Polish imprint with ‘Minare’, which was released in August of this year. Other notable 2015 releases include Clinique Recordings, Massive Harmony Records and Soundteller Records. For his ‘Shadows of the Wind’ interpretation Vitaly has brought his old school flavour to the track with a big rolling bass line and sweeping atmospherics. The main motifs from the original get reinvented and play quite well here, especially the waning guitars which sound gorgeous coming out of the break. Beautiful work from Vitaly.

The second interpretation of ‘Shadows of the Wind’ is provided by Zan Prevee who is making his third appearance on the label. The Greek producer has been a staple on BCSA, Majestic Family, Mistique Music and Stellar Fountain over the years. His last appearance on Electronic Tree dates back to 2014 when he remixed Depthide’s ‘Exist’. Now almost two years later Zan makes his return to the label and delivers a fabulous interpretation of ‘Shadows of the Wind’. With a deeper, more spacious groove the contrast to Vitaly’s mix is evident immediately. A catchy lead hook works in conjunction with the melodic themes from the original perfectly and makes for a groovy first half. A long, windswept break brings some emotive qualities which build to a wonderful peak, before that well carved groove returns and drives the track to a strong conclusion. Great remix from Zan.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Shadows of the Wind’ is provided by David Podhel who is making his second appearance on Electronic Tree. The Mexican producer has found a home on Abstract Space Records and PHW Elements where many of his recent productions have come out. His lone outing for Electronic Tree came in March of 2013 when he remixed ‘Immersion In Nature’ by Sander Frame. David’s deep, laidback approach to progressive music has lent itself well to ‘Shadows of the Wind’. Anchored by a funky groove the Mexican reinvents the lead elements amidst a haze of dreamy effects. This leads to the main break where the piano motif plays a huge roll. Showcased almost entirely on its own the cascading keys certainly strike an emotional chord, proving to be the ultimate centrepiece to David’s groovy foundation. It makes for a great end to the release where each producer has offered their own unique vision. Top stuff from Electronic Tree. Don’t miss it.

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