Criss Deeper – Dynamique (Soundteller Records)

The latest release on Deersky’s Soundteller Records welcomes Criss Deeper to the label with ‘Dynamique’.

Criss Deeper - Dynamique

The Buenos Aires based producer first appeared in 2011 when his ‘Morphine’ production was included on Mistique Digital’s ‘Various Artists’ Volume 001 collection. Even though it was Criss’ first ever released production it was one of the standouts on the project and it led to releases on Stripped Digital and Stigma Recordings later that year. A pivotal moment in Criss’ career came in 2014 when his interpretation of Steve May’s classic ‘Open Day’ was released by Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music. That along with an appearance on Asymmetric’s ‘Summertime’ sampler left fans hungry for more of Criss’ unique sound. Now we see Soundteller Records presenting Criss’ first production of 2015 and his first original in 18 months entitled ‘Dynamique’.

The release gets underway with the original and it’s abundantly clear that Criss has been working hard in the studio over the last year as he’s crafted something prefect for today’s progressive minded dance floors. It’s sultry foundation is incredibly groovy and a well spaced complement of drums and spacey atmospherics pushes the energy even higher. A short break and phasing lines brings the tension up slightly and makes the stripped back groove re-entry all the more impactful. Great work from Criss.

The first interpretation of ‘Dynamique’ is provided by Micrologue who is making his second appearance on Soundteller Records. The German producer made his label debut in July of 2013 with a remix of Rodrigo Mateo’s ‘Harmony of the Spheres’ and has since had quality releases on MNL, Grrreat Recordings and Univack. For his ‘Dynamique’ interpretation Micrologue has crafted a warmer and more emotional version which complements the original really well. The haunting motifs through the first act are quite poignant and definitely foreshadow what’s to come. A sequence of grinding bass changes produces a wonderful emotional tension as the track builds over its first act. It’s smooth and subtle but full of electricity at the same time, and then a heartfelt sets of keys gets introduced at the tracks apex which is sure to bring many goosebump moments. Amazing remix from Micrologue and surely one of his all time best.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Dynamique’ is provided by Silinder who is making his third appearance on Soundteller Records. The Irish producer has been an integral part of Deersky’s imprint since the labels first release where he remixed Deep In Calm’s ‘Everything Is Too Much’. The Silinder sound seems perfect for the labels music policy and once again the ever consistent craftsman has delivered with an excellent remix of ‘Dynamique’. Criss’ smooth and enchanting original has been transformed into a groovy, hypnotic beast here. A bevy of cool acid hooks and electronic gates make for a trippy journey and the build out of the main break is a real mind fuck. Excellent remix from Silinder which rounds out one of Soundteller’s strongest releases to date. Highly Recommended.

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