return of the jaded, kittball

Despite his young age, Nils Hoffmann has cemented quite the reputation since his official releases several years ago.

The passionate producer earned a lot of fans when he produced ‘Balloons’ at only 16 years old, reaching 6 million plays on Youtube alone. He’s since gone on to release on numerous established labels, including Stil Vor Talent and Get Physical sub-labels – Poesie Musik and Budenzauber.

He now joins the Kittball roster, having charmed label owners Tube & Berger, Juliet Sikora and P.A.C.O, with another single exemplary of his standout production abilities.

We premiere Kittball favourites Return of the Jaded who produce a cut with the dancefloor in mind, upping the tempo and introducing a distorted melody whist a rumbling low-end adds to the energy.




  • Mark Betteridge

    Mark Betteridge is C-U's owner and founder. C-U was formed to support up and coming artists in the underground and promote genres that were being ignored by the dance music media.