Dale Middleton – Daylight Darkness (Dopamine Music)

The 19th release on Nikko.Z’s Dopamine Music sees Dale Middleton returning to the label for his third appearance. The UK producer helped launch Dopamine with a remix of the labels first release from Nikko Z in late 2012. Dale followed that up with an incredibly prolific 2013. As the year is drawing to a close Dale’s discography now includes appearances on Sound Avenue, Perspectives, DAR and Afterglow. Dale’s first single for Dopamine is entitled ‘Daylight Darkness’ and it comes with remixes form Progress Inn and Daneel.

Dale’s UK house sound has become more and more refined this year and ‘Daylight Darkness’ might be the ultimate musical culmination of that. The UK producers pristinely polished beats seem to have an extra bounce here and the warm walls of sub bass create a wonderful harmonic underbelly. Angelic vocal pads and gleaming electronics accent the energetic groove as a larger atmospheric presence begins to enter the composition. These melodious synths cast a wonderful harmonic sheen which sees the piece reach a dynamic conclusion that goes down as one of Dale’s best musical productions of the year.

The first remix on the release is from the hugely up and coming Progress Inn. The Australia based duo have quite a unique thing going at the moment. Their ‘Currents’ EP (on 3rd Avenue) was one of the freshest sounding releases of the summer season and they continue to knock out impressive remix projects as 2013 comes to a close. For their ‘Daylight Darkness’ interpretation Progress Inn have provided a deep, dubby rework that complements the original perfectly. Delicate hypnotic themes and a warm funkiness combined with an effortless flow make this an ideal warm-up or back room tune.

The final remix on the release is provided by Daneel who is making his first appearance on Dopamine. The Argentinean producer has been a long time favourite of Hernan Cattaneo who has supported a long line of Daneel’s bootleg productions in his live sets, radio shows and charts. For his ‘Daylight Darkness’ remix Daneel has crafted a spacey progressive interpretation. Trippy electronics and a deeply rooted funkiness combine with the understated themes from the original and carry the track to the main break. The drop showcases some subtle musicality which adds a marvellous touch of class. The bubbly bass textures, celestial vocal pads and panning effects are an absolute delight here and set up a strong melodic conclusion for the tracks second act.

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