Dan Mlinar & TWH – Pyrophobia (Sleepless Nights Recordings)

Sleepless Nights Recordings returns for their 26th release this week which features the debut of Dan Mlinar & TWH to the label.

Dan Mlinar & TWH - Pyrophobia EP

The German duo have had a quiet year in 2014 which followed up a busy 2013 that included releases on Deepsessions, Rack Deep and Supermarket Unlimited. Their debut EP for Sleepless Nights is entitled ‘Pyrophobia’ and comes with two brand new original productions.

Dan Mlinar and TWH have forged a unique sound since the inception of their collaborative project. Looking back over their discography you hear elements of Techno, Deep House and Progressive House spread across the tracks. The lead selection here ‘Pyrophobia’ definitely falls into the latter category. Based around a wonderfully hypnotic groove it’s a track with an immense presence. The big punchy beats, dynamic hits and mesmerizing lines are quite infectious and the main break is pure glacial bliss. The growling bass swells are also quite impactful but it’s the way everything comes together for a smooth yet exhilarating ride that makes this one so cool.

The companion piece ‘Transmit’ finds Dan and TWH crafting a groovy, timeless, melodic beauty. It’s my favourite of the two and it complements the original incredibly well. Harmonic bass stabs and an airy resonance are what really standout for me and it makes for a blissful first half. The main break introduces a distorted, distinctive and spooky vocal element which transitions the track into its stripped down second half beginnings. A slow melodic build results in a wonderful conclusion to the record and definitely leaves you wanting to hear more. Two great tracks from Dan Mlinar & TWH who I hadn’t heard of prior to this. Great signing by Sleepless Nights Recordings. Don’t miss it.

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