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David Granha – No Matter How (Manual Music)

Spanish producer David Granha has been one of the more unique electronic music artists of the last few years. Initially known for his more traditional progressive house style productions somewhere along the line there was a shift into a more techno inspired sound. As 2014 begins David has become a favourite in the sets of Laurant Garnier and John Digweed who have both been supporting his tracks of late. David’s remix of Chris Fortier ‘Been There, Used To Do That’ was even featured by John on his Transitions radioshow late last year. This week sees David’s debut appearance on Paul Hazendonk’s Manual Music which has been a symbol of cutting edge quality in the electronic music underground for almost ten years. David’s debut single for Manual is entitled ‘No Matter How’ and it comes with remix from Oniris.

‘No Matter How’ finds David once again crafting something that is totally unique and rich in emotion. The pulsating, frog-like bass line immediately grabs your attention and should deliver a huge presence on the dance floor. David slowly weaves some aquatically styled lines into the framework which prove to be very worthy hooks before an onslaught of superbly processed electronics assaults your senses. The emotional content gets taken up a notch following the main drop with those descending chord changes seeming even more prominent and heartfelt. The musicality overall is exceptional and it’s a track with some real staying power as I found it running through my head long after I listened to it. Great stuff from David.

The lone remix is provided by Oniris who is making his second appearance on Manual. The French producer quickly shot to the forefront of electronic music when three of his productions (one in conjunction with Pat Brooks) were signed to John Digweed’s Bedrock imprint. ‘The Rebirth/Leaving Earth’ as it was titled saw its release in March of 2013. The tracks were heavily featured by Laurent Garnier on his ‘It Is What Is’ radioshow and Oniris quickly became a top tier name in techno. His remix of ‘No Matter How’ is just exceptional as well and it’s actually my favourite of the two on the release. He’s taken all of David’s great musical elements and twisted them into a grinding techno rework that is bursting with energy and emotion. The driving groove flows through a set of goosebump inducing chord changes throughout the piece which is fabulous but for me it’s the escalating tension and celestial air the track has that really hits home. This is epic in the best way imaginable and the grandiose breakdown is sure fire dance floor magic. The new year has only been running for 3 weeks but this is the best track I’ve heard in 2014 thus far, huge remix from Oniris and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Top notch release from Paul Hazendonk’s Manual Music.

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