Deepfunk – Fruit Love / Seven Hours (System Recordings)

Deepfunk has been one of electronic music’s most popular artists in recent years and his ongoing relationship with System Recordings has certainly yielded some stellar releases. This week Deepfunk returns to the storied US label for his eighth overall release. With his impending album on the forefront of everyone’s minds this brand new two track EP looks like just the thing to tide his fans over until the album hits the streets.

The lead track ‘Fruit Love’ is sure to be a delight for long time Deepfunk fans. The Maltese producer’s signature blend of trippy lines and pixie-like melodies sounds incredibly fresh. Deepfunk is one of those rare producers that writes music that translates well not only to the dancefloor but also your living room. A lot of club records are terrible to just listen too because they lack depth and generally aren’t very interesting outside of a well mixed set but Deepfunk creates pieces of music which really stand on their own. They work well in a club setting and are also really captivating for home listening. His stuff definitely has that ‘cool’ factor and ‘Fruit Love’ is right up there with some of his best work. The companion piece ‘Seven Hours’ is a much more groove oriented piece with its rumbling foundation really standing out. The undulating waves of bass create the ultimate rolling groove which is both hypnotic and energetic. The breakbeat style percussion which phases in and out of the mix really enhances the swing as the track reaches the main break. The trippy interlude is filled with cool vocal elements and spacey electronics which build just enough to create a nice moment when beats do drop back in. The second half ups the intensity as the modulation on the lead line wavers endless for an intense finale. Two wicked productions from Deepfunk and a great release from System Recordings once again. Look for Deepfunk’s much anticipated debut album ‘Imagination Creates Reality’ on CD and digital download soon.

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