Demian Moreno – It’s Killing Me EP (Bermudos)

De Wachtkamer’s Bermudos imprint is back with its first release of 2013 this week. The labels 21st overall release features the return of Argentinean producer Demian Moreno for this third overall appearance. Demian delivered ‘The Love We Lost’ EP for Bermudos in July of 2012 and followed that up with a remix of KAGO DO’s ‘Alright, Marley’ in November. Demian’s new single for Bermudos and first of 2013 is entitled ‘It’s Killing Me’ and it comes with two standout remixes from Marc Moan and Erdi Irmak.

Demian’s original mix comes with his trademark deep and atmospheric progressive sound. The smooth walls of sub bass and floaty late night synths set a wicked back room type groove early on and as the production grows we see the synth modulation getting turned up a notch which provides some growing anticipation. Hazily processed bells contribute to the atmospheric peak of the record which pushes the track well past the eight minute mark with those sonic synths leading the way. Great stuff from Demian. The first remix is supplied by Marc Moan who has appeared on Bermudos once in the past with his remix of Stas Karpenkov’s ‘Castle’. The Russian producer has recently appeared on Sezer Uysal’s Dark Pleasure, Green Snake and Baroque Digital. Marc’s ‘It’s Killing Me’ interpretation comes with an equally deep but somewhat funkier vibe that Mariano’s original. The bubbly acid styled bass line provides that rolling funk and the main synth elements from the original have been chopped to perfection by Marc who has used them sparingly while focusing more on the floor friendly groove. A perfect complement to the package from Marc. The final remix comes from one of Turkey’s finest producers Erdi Irmak who continues to impress us with his recent releases on Movement, Reelaux Digital, OLD SQL and Vise Versa. Erdi’s gone a bit deeper for his ‘It’s Killing Me’ remix but he’s done so while keeping that great tech house groove that he’s so loved for. The tough framework keeps things firmly on the dance floor while the brilliant atmospheric elements and lush vocal pads from the original are incorporated in such a way that they breathe even more life in the piece. Erdi on top form once again and a brilliant first release of 2013 from Bermudos.

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