Denis A’s DAR Digital imprint closed 2012 out very strong with Tech D’s ‘Immersion’. The label had a great year with standout productions from: Deepfunk, Fran Von Vie, Scotty A. and Stas Drive. DAR Digital begins their 2013 campaign this week with a major release from label boss Denis A. The Russian producer’s ‘Not The Album’ contains eight brand new original productions which come with Denis’ own unique techno style.

The album (or not the album actually) kicks off with ‘Ahau’ which sets an eerie, futuristic tone early on. The warm, well textured beats combined with some alien like sound design and wastelandic style atmospheres paint a exceptionally haunting picture. The moody brilliance of the piece really shines through the main break where the tension gets turned up just a touch for some spine tingling moments. The desolate sounding ‘Dtrt’ is next and really transforms the listening experience with some unique and challenging beats. Stark and industrial sounding with clever beats and sheets of white noise, this one goes down as one of our pieces on the album. Brilliant stuff from Denis here.

The tempo slows down just a touch with the next composition entitled ‘Electric Boogie’. Oddly enough it does have a very ‘electric’ feel to it, filled with lots of charged electronics and hook heavy stabs the groove Denis has created on it is undeniable. The ghostly and cavernous sounding ‘King Tut’ is next and only furthers the stark, desolate feel of the collection. The widescreen, warehouse style beats along with some spine tingling keys and slowly evolving atmospheres give the piece at tremendous amount scope which should sound enormous on a proper sound system.

The tempo slows once again with ‘Terminal’ which might just be the most gorgeous and most musical piece on the collection. Denis has really out done himself here with an emotional beauty. The swoonful atmospheric sweeps and Mediterranean style keys put a wonderfully glassy sheen on the composition which is sure to pull more than a few heartstrings out there. Those gorgeous melodies flow nicely into ‘Thesaurus’ which has some long descending chord changes that present a hint of melancholy which more than sets the stage for the punishing beats of ‘Viva Underground’. The mechanical rhythms and impactful vocal samples during the drop and spectacular. The build albeit subtle is really intense and when those machine like beats come crashing back in you’re sure to see some dance floor madness.

The album is closed with a second more melodic production from Denis entitled ‘Voices’. Filled with hypnotic accents, heartfelt melodic themes and really fresh vocal samples it almost seems like the fitting end to this collection from Denis as it’s full of a wide spectrum of emotions just like the entire set is. Denis has always been an incredibly unique producer, there really isn’t one else that sounds quite like him and this collection here more than proves that with it’s exceptional creativity. If you consider yourself of fan of intelligent electronica or contemporary techno then this should definitely be in your collection. Top notch package from Denis but it begs us to ask if this is ‘not the album’ than just how good must ‘the album’ be? 🙂 Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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