Derek Howell – Interstellar Homecoming (Balkan Connection)

The latest release on Balkan Connection finds the label revisiting their much loved BC Edition series.

Derek Howell - Interstellar Homecoming

Proton Music has delivered many outstanding releases over the years and one sitting at the top of the heap is undoubtedly Derek Howell’s ‘Interstellar Homecoming’. Released in November of 2014 the kaleidoscopic journey through melodic motifs and acidic rhythms still resonates as one of Derek’s all time best. Now for Balkan Connection’s 359th overall release they welcome Luis Bondio and Matter to inject some new life into the track. 

The first interpretation is provided by Luis Bondio who has been an important part of the Balkan Connection roster in the past. The Argentinean artist is making his fifth appearance on the Serbian imprint which follows his exceptional ‘Hope On The Moon’ (in conjunction with Antrim) released in July on his own Classound Recordings imprint. Luis has delivered some high profile remixes in recent years (namely Nick Warren) but this ranks right up there with it. With a moodier and more ethereal approach Luis has delivered a great complement to Derek’s majestic original. Indistinct vocal stabs cast a wave of melancholy over the groovy foundation while Luis slowly builds a storyboard of trippy effects, which carries the track into the break. Here the main motif gets to breathe amidst a sea of bubbly effects and sweeping electronics. It’s a magical soundscape and one which sets up a lovely third act which takes you further into dreamland and omits the acid line which fuelled the finale in Derek’s original. Brilliant remix from Luis. 

The second and final interpretation of ‘Interstellar Homecoming’ is supplied by another key figure in the Balkan Connection family. Australian producer Matter has certainly found a home on the Serbian imprint as he now makes his ninth appearance in the last 18 months. Matty Doyle aka Matter has carefully honed his own unique sound over the last five years and he along with Desaturate may be leading the way for all the hypno-proggers out there. There are many elements from Derek’s original that Matter must have been thrilled to play with and the results are excellent as expected. There are bass lines and then there are Matter bass lines, quite distinctive in their flow and contoured beauty, this one kicks just like all his previous work. As sheets of effects descend over the framework the rhythmic hooks slowly sink their teeth in, while the reshaped melodies, albeit quite downplayed provide some wonderful resonance. The main break avoids introducing the main motifs, rather focusing on a moody tonal theme which sets up a driving, heads down finale perfectly. Amazing remix from Matter and one which currently sits at #5 in the Release Promo Hype Chart. All these BC Edition releases are hugely anticipated and they’ve really out done themselves again here. Highly Recommended.

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