Derek Howell – Siren’s Teeth (Mesmeric Records)

Mesmeric Records returns this week after a 2 month break and a follow up to what was one of the labels best releases from Rich Curtis. The labels 33rd overall release sees long time progressive house stalwart Derek Howell making his debut on the label. The US producer has been one of the genres most loved artists over the last ten years. Appearances on Bedrock and Global Underground shot Derek into the spotlight and he’s maintained a creative and fresh approach to producing ever since. Derek’s new EP for Mesmeric is entitled ‘Siren’s Teeth’ and it comes with two brand new original productions.

We last heard from Derek with his ‘Here We Go Again’ single on Baires records. It was a much deeper sound from the US producer so we were curious to see how his EP for Mesmeric would turn out. Derek has certainly gone back to his more progressive roots for ‘Siren’s Teeth’ which comes with many of his most loved production trademarks. Those tough, bouncy beats are unmistakable as are the vibrant sounding electronic which dominate the piece. What is a bit different though is the melodic themes are a bit more pronounced than what we’re used to from Derek. The vocal wails are incredibly haunting and also work wonderfully with the glassy keys which provide some enchanting vibes throughout. This is incredibly strong stuff from Derek and we think it would be one of his best in a long while as well. There is also a Dub version included for those that are looking for a slightly less epic interpretation which still stays true to the great musical themes from the original.

The companion piece ‘The Looking Glass’ proves to be just as great. It’s a much more spacious sounding production which allows the prominent melodic parts to flow though the framework with effortless ease. It’s the overall sound design and uniqueness of the themes here which really make it standout from your regular run of the mill progressive house. Derek’s always had this uncanny ability to produce these brain teasing leads that stick with you for a while and that’s exactly what he’s done here. Both tracks are excellent and we strongly recommend you check them out.

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