Deriwer – Speechless (LuPS Records) featuring remixes from: Stanisha, Jacco@Work, Snorkle

LuPSRec 142 brings back Deriwer with a Prog Tech House track called Speechless. The track kicks of with a great percussion groove and a bassline which pushes the track forwards. On top of this steady and major groove Deriwer placed all sorts of reverbed and delayed synthstab. Combined with a repetitive organsound Deriwer created an unique blend of styles which a very dancefloor friendly touch. A great warm up tune.

The first remix comes from Stanisha. He dives into the depth of sounds with creating a gorgeous and organic groove. As expected Stanisha tweaked all the synthstabs and spread them all over the track like he has been playing with snowflakes. Together with a few new aditional sounds and pads he arranged a deep driving and goosebumping remix. Yet another gem.

The second remix comes from Snorkle. As he took the more deeper route and crafted a hypnotic groove with chugging percussionlines, repetitive organstabs and long layers of sound. This all causes a foggy and moistured atmosphere. This is one of those afterparty chill out tracks which easy up your mind.

The last remix comes from labelboss Jacco@Work. His remix contains a infectious danceable Deep House groove. Also he used the organ synthstab to create a hypnotic atmosphere and combined it with the tweaked vocalsnippet. Half way the track he introduces a new bassline to give the track a twist. On top he placed the spaced out stabs of the original track.


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