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Desaturate – Delusions EP (E Sound Records)

The ninth release on E Sound Records features the debut of Desaturate with his ‘Delusions’ EP.

Desaturate - Delusions EP

Most diehard progressive house fans are not only familiar with but also quite fond of Progress Inn. Desaturate is a new offshoot from Janko Dragovic who is half of the much loved duo. Every year there are countless producers who attempt to reinvent themselves and in doing so create a new artist alias. Sometimes it’s totally warranted and other times quite pointless. With Desaturate it’s definitely the former as it not only represents a new sound but also a new found solo project.

The EP gets underway with the title cut ‘Delusions’ which is a wonderful meld of genres. It’s full, driving groove is quite progressive sounding but the dubby rhythms and glacial textures pull influences from techno and deep house. It’s reminds me of a few older tracks from Progress Inn but for the most part it’s far less progressive. There’s certainly a lot to like here; from its detailed drum work to quick transitions and uniquely tailored design it’s not only perfect for the floor but also cool and restrained enough for your iPod or living room. Really smart sounding stuff from Janko.

The EPs second selection ‘Certain’ carries a similar cadence but with a bit of a punchier, more energetic vibe. The beats are big and dynamic sounding which is necessary to cut through the gigantic wall of rumbling bassy textures which make up the foundation. What’s so captivating is the fluidity of the production, it’s like one seamless ball of sonic energy. All the drums and complementary rhythms bounce off each other in perfect unison and the end result is groovy as hell.

The EPs third selection ‘Deprived’ is perhaps the most progressive sounding cut here. The infectious rhythms which dominated the previous two productions are still prevalent but a considerably beefed and more carved out bottom end changes the stylistic character just a touch. The light and airy nature is just wonderful and there is definitely a feeling of floating not only on this piece but all three on the EP; and it’s that effortless vibe which is so alluring. As a thematic EP all three tracks work together remarkably well and they all stand on their own as solid dance floor weapons. An excellent debut for Desaturate and another on the money release for E Sound Records.

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