Desaturate – The Call (Balkan Connection)

Desaturate releases his debut single for Balkan Connection this week entitled ‘The Call’.

Desaturate - The Call

The solo project of Janko Dragovic from Progress Inn got off to a smashing start with a 3 track EP for E Sound Records but his discography has been dominated with remix productions ever since, In fact aside from the Rick Pier O’Neil co-produced single for Proton’s Particles the world has been awaiting new Desaturate original material for quite some time. Our friends at Balkan Connection now have the distinct honour of presenting the first Desaturate solo original material since his first ever release. The latest from Janko’s studio is entitled ‘The Call’ and it includes Rick Pier O’Neil, Matter and Estray remixes.

Desaturate has definitely been one of the hottest names in the progressive underground this year. He’s risen to the top of the Release Promo charts on many an occasion and appeared in Beatport’s Top 20 releases as well, with his first ever release staying in the chart for over a month straight. He continues that great run here with ‘The Call’ which comes in as another marvellous slice of progressive techno. Anchored by thick slabs of rolling bass it doesn’t take long for this one to pick up momentum. Gleaming keys soon converge for a lovely tonal theme before an indistinct vocal loop fades into the mix for a wickedly hypnotic effect. This carries the track into the break where all of its otherworldly powers get a chance to shine. It’s like a kaleidoscope of electronic colours all coming together for a magic sonic moment; and the lack of a huge build out of the break is also the perfect approach in my opinion. Beautiful work from Desaturate.

The first interpretation of ‘The Call’ is provided by Rick Pier O’Neil who is making his first appearance on Balkan Connection. The French producer continues to ride his wave of resurgent success this year with recent underground hits on Particles and Perspectives along with old school labels Bonzai and Platipus Records. Rick’s tech, crunch progressive sound seems tailor made for a rework of Desaturate’s driving hypnotic grooves and this remix has turned out amazingly well. The groove has been chunked up just a touch so there’s a strong dance floor appeal here but Rick’s done a great job of still conveying that ultra smooth energy which made the original so great, as he sticks pretty close to the main motifs throughout. Great remix from Rick.

The second interpretation of ‘The Call’ is provided by Matter who is making his eighth appearance on Balkan Connection. The Aussie producer has definitely found a home on the Serbian imprint, having contributed 4 remixes and 1 original over the course of the last 2 years. We last heard from Matter with his excellent remix of ‘Veterans’ from Progress Inn, released two weeks ago on Sound Avenue’s 3rd Avenue imprint and he’s turned in something equally exciting here. The reshape of the bass line is the first thing which grabs your attention, full of deadly contours, it just pulls you right in. Acidic synths add some lovely rhythmic elements while the vocal loop has been radically reinvented to great effect. An expertly crafted break builds some nice tension, nothing to overbearing but just enough to fuel a killer third act, where the vocally pads make for some magic moments. 

The third and final interpretation of ‘The Call’ is provided by Estray who is making his first appearance on Balkan Connection. Estray is actually a new alias for Serbian producer Vid Marjanovic who has been writing cool, underground music for years now. I’m not sure but I suspect the name change signifies a new sonic approach for Vid whose turned in a great remix of ‘The Call’ here. A lot of Vid’s previous work had a bit of a psychedelic tinge to it and I do think it’s less prevalent here with more of a laid back, percussive approach being the focus. The scattered drums and rolling grooves lead nicely to the main break where an unexpected musical interlude occurs. This simple, yet beautifully constructed sequence of keys makes for the ideal centrepiece and ultimately sets up a wonderful conclusion to not only the track but the release as well. Gorgeous work from Estray and an excellent release from Balkan Connection. Don’t miss it.

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