Diego Berrondo & Nicolas Petracca – Trip To The Moon (Seven Spirits)

The latest release on Seven Spirits finds the label showcasing a brand new collaborative project from Diego Berrondo & Nicolas Petracca.

Diego Berrondo & Nicolas Petracca - Trip To The Moon

Hailing from Uruguay and Argentina respectively Diego and Nicolas have both made their mark on the progressive underground. Having appeared on Dopamine Music, Stripped Digital and Asymmetric Dip the duo now delivers ‘Trip To The Moon’ alongside remixes from South Methods and Funkstate.

The release begins with the original and finds the groovy sounds of Diego melding with Nicolas’ dreamy, melodic designs. A swirling, atmospheric theme gets the piece underway, with a chugging groove sitting at the foundation. Indistinct vocal elements, with a deepspace variety drift endlessly through the framework as subtle melodies carry the track into the break. Heartfelt pads and a light sprinkle of keys make for an emotional interlude before a smooth build unleashes a warm rush of beats and luminous melodies. It’s an old school goosebump moment waiting to happen and definitely one of the crowning productions in Diego and Nicolas’ careers.

The first interpretation of ‘Trip To The Moon’ is provided by South Methods who are making their first appearance on Seven Sprits. Adrian Aguil Mallea and José Mazzeo Majluf make up the South Methods production duo and have just two credits on their discography thus far. They step up here though with an amazing remix for their Seven Spirits debut. With a deeper approach and more spacious framework the dreamy qualities breathe really well from this one. All the great themes from the original are conveyed but in a much more serene, seaside vibe. The main break may be the highlight with a revamped lead motif pulling at your heartstrings. Gorgeous remix from South Methods and looking forward to hearing more from this exciting new duo.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Trip To The Moon’ is provided by Funkstate who are making their first appearance on Seven Spirits. Emilio Reyna and Hugo Ortiz hail from Argentina and make up the FunkState production duo. They first came to my attention when their ‘Dada’ single was released on Classound in June of last year. A release on Luke Porter’s Temporum Music soon followed as well as a new remix for ‘Vapourized’ by Rogier & Stage van H. It’s been 8 months since we’ve heard a new Funk State production so their remix here is a welcome one and doesn’t disappoint. With a much funkier approach Emilio and Hugo have provided a great complement to the original. Chopped up and heavily processed vocal elements create a trippy storyboard while the duos tribalistic groove builds momentum. By far the best club interpretation on the release this is destined for some big dance floor moments I think, and the second act does bring just a hint of the beauty conveyed throughout the original, all while keeping the focus on that rocking groove. Big time remix from Funkstate and perhaps their best to date. Great release from Seven Spirits which just builds on their last one from Tuxedo. Highly Recommended. 

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