Diego Ferran – My Paradise (Mistique Music)

The 507th release on Mistique Music features the debut of Diego Ferran to the label.

Diego Ferran - My Paradise

The Colombian producer presented his first ever release on OLD SQL’s Destinations 11 – Mykonos compilation which was released in May of last year. Diego’s debut single for Mistique Music is entitled ‘My Paradise’ and it comes with remixes from David Duque and Neftali Blasko under his new Endevour alias.

Diego’s ‘People of Marina’ which appeared on OLD SQL’s Destinations 11 – Mykonos was a quite a unique track. It’s housey grooves and panning vocals were not only perfect for the dance floor but also quite enchanting to listen to. On ‘My Paradise’ Diego has gone much deeper and dreamier. It’s twilight designs cast a wonderful atmosphere and the sultry foundation is filled with fluid rhythms. The second half adds to the melodic subtleties with more mysterious keys and gaseous atmospheres which lift the track to a nice finish. A great mood setting piece from Diego.

The first interpretation of My Paradise’ is provided by David Duque who is also making his debut on Mistique Music. The Colombian born but now Panama based producer had some notable releases in 2013 with original productions for Baires Records and Temporum Music leading the way. His blend of warm housey grooves and progressive sensibilities have always been a delight and he’s delivered an excellent interpretation of ‘My Paradise’ here. A significantly reworked and beefed up bottom end has added some nice energy to the piece and David has still maintained the dreamy qualities which made the original so great. Excellent remix from David.

The second and final interpretation of ‘My Paradise’ is provided by Neftali Blasko under his new Endevour alias. The Mexican producer is not only one of the TRR label owners but also has grown into one of his country’s top up and coming artists. His Endevour alias has already produced three remixes for Balkan Connection South America, Massive Harmony Records and Stellar Fountain respectively; all of which came out in 2014. The alias has become an outlet for more techno and tech house inspired sounds which his ‘My Paradise’ interpretation showcases so well. The stripped down groove is filled with dark beats, tough claps, ominous vocal elements and rolling rhythms which are sure to be deadly on the floor. There is a hint of the atmospheric elements in the breakdown but aside from that it’s dark and sinister the whole way, which complements the previous two versions really well. Great stuff from Neftali and good release from Mistique Music once again.

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