Digital Marks – Mali (Kyubu Records)

The tenth release on Kyubu Records welcomes Digital Marks to the label for a brand new EP.

Digital Marks - Mali

The boys behind Kyubu Records, the production duo TR20 seem to have a knack for sourcing out new talent. The labels last release showcased the hugely talented Tchailyn, who previous to that had not had a single track released. Now we find Kyubu introducing Digital Marks to the world with their first ever release entitled ‘Mali’.

Two friends – Holy and Fobo hail from Lithuania and make up the Digital Marks production duo. Aside from a few remix competition entries Digital Marks are relatively unknown but their two newest studio creations included here should change that pretty quickly. The release gets under way with ‘Mali’ which is immediately compelling, primarily because of some lovely West African percussion and a wonky lead line, which carries the track into a colossal break. The nearly two minute interlude showcases a dramatic overlay followed by a spiralling build which plays off the distinctive lead in true vortex fashion. It’s sure to be a massive moment on the dance floor and one that gets the EP off to an amazing start. 

The companion piece ‘Tokyo’ goes a bit deeper and a touch more melodic which results in a very subversive production. Just like ‘Mali’ the craftsmanship is meticulous and the melancholic mood seems to grow endlessly throughout, eventually reaching a very hopeful vibe in the records third act. It’s a fitting way to round out the EP and leaves you with a great feeling about this exciting new duo. Another awesome signing and release from Kyubu Records. Highly Recommended.

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