Dio S. & Alex Ganti – Van Loya (BC2 Records)

The 25th release on Balkan Connection’s BC2 offshoot is out this week and it features the debut of Dio S & Alex Ganti to the label.

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The Greek duo are frequent studio collaborators and have delivered two excellent projects for Deersky’s Soundteller Records in 2014. Their debut single for BC2 is entitled ‘Van Loya’ and it comes with remixes from Lautaro Varela and Napalm & d-phrag.

It would be hard for Dio and Alex to top their ‘Patience’ single from a few months ago which was a deep and soulful epic with gorgeous piano stabs but ‘Von Loya’ is of similar quality. It’s tight framework is well complemented with smooth rhythmic stabs and buzzing atmospheres. Once the main break hits you get another well crafted melodic theme from the Greek duo which builds to a nice crescendo before the stripped down groove drops back in. The second half showcases the heartfelt whistles and big drummy builds which should be massive on the floor. Another excellent original production from Dio S and Alex Ganti.

The first remix is supplied by Lautaro Varela who is making his first appearance on BC2 Records. It’s been a good year for the Argentine which saw the launch of his ALOT imprint and quality outings on 3rd Avenue, Balkan Connection and E Sound records. For his ‘Van Loya’ interpretation Lautaro has delivered a more stripped down, laid back rework that complements the original really well. Void of the charging rhythm and bigger builds of the original Lautaro’s version focuses on the great musical elements and reinvents them in a heavenly way. The shimmering almost incandescent back drop and delicate harmonic sequences have been processed with a pristine touch and make for a wonderful listen. Great stuff from Lautaro.

The second and final remix is provided by Naplam & d-phrag who are regular contributors to Balkan Connection’s young offshoot with d-phrag even being one of the head label A&Rs. This is the duos eighth overall appearance and it follows their ‘Strange Dimensions’ single from just two weeks ago. For their ‘Van Loya’ interpretation Naplam & d-phrag have delivered a timeless sounding progressive version that’s loaded with dance floor energy. It’s momentous rhythms, sparkling melodies and growling synths all meld together for a peak time progressive monster that closes the release out on a strong note. Solid work turned in by everyone here which results in a great release from BC2

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