Dio S – Mind Fucker (System Recordings)

The latest release on System Recordings finds Dio S making his debut on the label. A long time staple of the progressive house underground Greek producer Dio S has made his mark on a variety of top underground imprints including: Movement Recordings, Dopamine Music, Baroque Records, 3rd Avenue and Soundteller Records. His debut single for System is entitled ‘Mind Fucker’ and it looks to be one of this strongest productions to date.

Dio has had a wide range of impressive productions over the last year. His ‘Una Happiness’ single on Praveen Achary’s Juicebox label was one of his finest original compositions of the year and it looks like ‘Mind Fucker’ may achieve a similar sentiment for 2014. It’s certainly one of Dio’s most mature and refined sounding pieces to date with its delicate hypnotic lines and intricate drum work. What makes it so refreshing is the gentle build in energy which continues throughout the duration of the track. It’s unassuming beginnings slowly morph into a flickering, late night vibe which is really inviting. This is going to convey a wicked atmosphere in any room and should prove to be a secret weapon in the boxes of many DJs.

The lone remix of ‘Mind Fucker’ comes from Kosmas Epsilon who has been one of the most storied progressive house producers over the last ten years. The Greek producer practically revolutionized the melodic progressive sound (along with Luke Chable and James Holden) back in 2004 with his early productions on Deep, Precinct and EQ Grey. The Kosmas sound has certainly evolved over the years and it’s stood the test of time extremely well. Now opting for a much more contemporary take on house music Kosmas has provided an excellent interpretation of ‘Mind Fucker’. In expanding on the hypnotic themes and adding some underlying acidity the Greek producer has put his own unique stamp on the production while still staying true to the cool vibes represented in Dio’s original. It’s a real tossup between the two as both are exceptional and make up what is one of System’s best releases of the year thus far.

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