Dmitry Molosh – Flight Thoughts (Agara Music)


Travis MacDonald’s Agara Music imprint is gaining momentum fast, the labels first two releases focused on a contemporary progressive and melodic techno sound that featured Beat Syndrome, Madloch & Yunta,  Mauro Norti, Max Cue, Indieveed and Travis who all delivered some of their best work to date. The labels third overall release is out this week and it features a new single from Dmitry Molosh who had several top notch releases in 2012 most notably his ‘The End of the Labyrinth’ on Reelaux Digital. Dmitry’s new single for Agara is entitled ‘Flight Thoughts’ and it comes with a remix from Verche.

For those of you that loved Dmitry’s ‘Labyrinth’ record you should absolutely love ‘Flight Thoughts’ as well. Dmitry’s deep, balmy and abundantly textured sound really shines here.  A warm pulsating bass line sits at the foundation while some choppy drums and wonderfully hypnotic bells add mightily to the sultry groove. The wispy atmospheric backdrop seems to be forever growing as the track reaches the main drop. The melodic elements really get to breathe here and thus the gorgeous processing on those bells really becomes apparent. As the break evolves a set of soft ascending tones rises  slowly for a subtle apex which reveals the pulsating groove and gorgeous atmospheres once more for a perfect finish to the composition.

The lone remix is provided by Verche who given the elements from the original seems to be the perfect remixer choice. The Croatian producer is known best for running both Sangria and System Recordings, aside from that he is loved across the globe for his richly textured, melodic sound which he has been pushing for the last couple of years with great success. For his ‘Flight Thoughts’ interpretation Verche has taken all those great elements from the original and put his own unique twist on them for a fabulous construction. It’s the shoegazy haze of Verche’s production that we really love and it’s worked wonders here with a gorgeous atmospheric sheen that coats the driving beats, techy percussion and fuzzy hypnotic lines.  Both mixes here are brilliant and Agara Music is really on a roll. Don’t miss this!  Release Promo Hype Chart #9

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