Dmitry Molosh – Singing Heavens / Shamen (Movement Recordings)

The 85th release on Movement Recordings features the debut of Dmitry Molosh to the label. The Belarus based producer was well recognized for his work over the course of 2013. Dmitry had key releases on 3rd Avenue, Agara Music, Sleepless Nights and Stereo Paradise which earned praise from a broad range of DJs including Hernan Cattaneo. Dmitry’s debut EP for Movement Recordings is entitled ‘Singing Heavens / Shamen’ and it comes with remixes from Steve Self and Hugo Ibarra & Uvo.

The lead track ‘Shamen’ begins with a dark, brooding vibe which sets a great atmospheric presence early on. The rolling waves of bass and wavering electronics cast a sombre hypnotic tone which is unique and refreshing. The delicate nature of piece flows seamlessly towards the drop where the haunting soundscape and character rich electronics really shine. The airy vocal pads which hover above bring the beats back in for a warm rush of energy and a gorgeous conclusion that will take your dance floor closer to the heavens. The lone remix of ‘Shamen’ is provided by Steve Self who is making his 3rd appearance on Movement. Steve’s interpretation of ‘Shamen’ proves to be a great complement to the original as it presents a more stripped down, tech house approach. The undeniably groovy framework gets slowly complemented with fragments of Dmitry’s great sounds and in the process a wicked vibe is formed. As the main break approaches the more sombre pad elements enter the framework and carry a wistful mood through to the second half. It’s one of Steve’s most haunting productions to date but the rock solid groove keeps things firmly planted on the dance floor.

The second original ‘Singing Heavens’ goes down as one of Dmitry’s funkiest and most musical creations to date. The catchy bass tones and vibrant drums carve out a wicked groove following a gorgeous ambient intro. With the groove now in full swing the musical hooks slowly begin to bounce of each other for a mesmerizing harmonic vortex. The main break showcases those well plucked keys to perfection along with a set of heavily processed stabs which gives the drop exactly the amount of tension it needed. The newly introduced stabs carry the track into the second half and in conjunction with the softer harmonics create quite a heavenly contrast for the ultimate finale. The lone remix of ‘Singing Heavens’ is provided by Hugo Ibarra & Uvo who are two of the most hyped new comers as 2014 begins. The Mexican duo are both hugely respected for their solo studio efforts and for Movement they’ve collaborated on a very special Dub rework of ‘Singing Heavens’. Hugo and Uvo have always been exceptional at crafting irresistible hypnotic grooves and they’ve done just that here. The bubbly electronic textures are deeply mesmerizing while the complementary effects trail in and out through the framework. Void of any major breakdown the seamless flow of the piece is kept well intact throughout and gets highlighted further with rolling harmonics which dominate an exhilarating second half.

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