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DNYO & GRG – Empty Glass (Flow Vinyl)

One of Flow Vinyl’s best releases of 2013 was undoubtedly DNYO and GRG’s ‘Day Off’. It was the Brazilian duo’s first collaboration together and it’s dreamy atmospheres left fans of the release hoping for a new joint studio effort as soon as possible. Now almost 20 months later fans of the project get their wish as Flow Vinyl’s 56th overall release features the return of DNYO and GRG with their latest single ‘Empty Glass’.

As amazing as ‘Day Off’ was and still is ‘Empty Glass’ might be even better. It’s a track that comes with the gritty character and emotional depth that’s conveyed so well in much of their previous work. Cool beat patterns, a wavering grind and moderately warped hooks set a killer vibe early on. This leads to the tracks second act or centrepiece where a unique vocal is introduced. The poignant grip that these heart wrenching wails have is quite astonishing; it’s wonderfully soulful and the spaced out techno styling’s that follow are a breath of fresh air. In a generally over processed and shiny world of electronic music that we’re currently living in this is a real treasure.

The first remix is provided by Juan Deminicis who is returning to Flow Vinyl for his fourth appearance. 2014 has been the best year of the Argentinean’s career thus far. After seeing his Funk D’Void ‘Lambo’ remix released on Lost & Found he followed that up with a fresh five track EP on Lost’s sister label ‘Found’. For his ‘Empty Glass’ interpretation Juan has delivered one of the best remixes of his career. It’s one of the most emotive records that he’s ever done and a great complement to the grittier original. Opting for a more musical approach Juan has expanding on the melodic themes amazingly well. It’s warm shifting foundations and glassy clusters of keys work so well with the vocal and veering atmospheres. There are a lot of potential goosebump moments here which are a welcome surprise and also a highlight on the release. Don’t miss it.

The second remix is provided by Cardia who is making his first appearance on Flow Vinyl. The Portuguese producer has been quiet in 2014 following a string of releases on Composite and Techsoul the previous two years. For his ‘Empty Glass’ interpretation Cardia has stripped the track right down and put a wonderful atmospheric sheen on it. With a wide array of scattered electronics and chopped up vocal elements it’s a delicate assault on the senses. The blissful main break might be the finest moment though and the tasteful conclusion is all the better for it.

The third and final remix is provided by Heron who is also making his first appearance on the Flow Vinyl. In addition to being a regular contributor to Soma Records and KMS the German producer runs his own Limikola imprint which is home to Hearthrob, Bryan Zentz and Troy Pierce. For his ‘Empty Glass’ interpretation Heron has provided a timeless techno reconstruction that’s full of electronic soul. The tracks vibrant framework is dance floor ready and it’s piercing wails and emotional undertones put a perfect cap on another sensational release from Flow Vinyl. Don’t miss it.

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