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Dontknower – Bobby Cooper (Crossfade Sounds)

The Sound Avenue collective returns with a new release on their eclectic Crossfade Sounds imprint this week. The Belgian label group has been quiet as the summer is winding down but they’ve managed to fit in an exceptionally cool release here. The 18th offering on the label sees Dontknower making his second appearance and delivering his first single entitled ‘Bobby Cooper’ which includes remixes from Pedro Sanmartin and Shawn Rubens.

The Greek producer first appeared on Crossfade just about a month ago with his remix of Lenny Lenoks ‘Emotions’ which was the labels 16th overall release. It brought a deep and summery vibe to the production which really stood out. His new single ‘Bobby Cooper’ is one of Crossfade’s deepest offerings yet. Dontknower has crafted a loungey, rainy day style deep house cut which once again really shines. The deep and soulful vibe is flawlessly offset with some ideal hooks and vivid electronics that serve to add just the right amount of energy to the more chilled dance floors out there. Ultimately though it’s the soulfulness of the production that’s really inviting here. It’s something that belongs in every electronic music fans collection.

The first remix is supplied by Pedro Sanmartin who is making his first appearance on Crossfade Sounds. The Spanish producer has 4 releases to his credit, all on his own Munit label. Pedro’s energetic blend of warm, funky techno and melodic tech house is absolutely fabulous and we have a feeling big things will be in store for him soon. It’s a sound that’s both very contemporary and perfect for the dance floor. Pedro’s ‘Bobby Cooper’ interpretation brings a bit more of a tech house inspired vibe and it’s certainly a worthy cut for the dance floor. The percussive groove has some great bounce and when complemented with a wealth of scattered claps, soft stabs and bubbly electronics it really starts to rock. The way all the subtle rhythms get intertwined throughout the composition is really impressive and the fact that it never sounds cluttered is even more remarkable. A sure fire dance floor winner from Pedro and definitely one you’ll be hearing in the coming months on the tech house floors.

The release is closed out with a final remix from Shawn Rubens who is also making his debut on Crossfade Sounds. For his ‘Bobby Cooper’ remix Shawn has delivered a more stripped down and deeper interpretation that complements the previous two versions very well. The funky bottom end has a wicked roll and the skippy sounding drums give it even more dance floor appeal. The musical parts from the original have been reinvented in a much more subtle and teasing fashion which we think is really outstanding. Following a brief drop we see some lovely modulation, cool chord changes and a general warped but still very musical feeling that absolutely rocks. This is our favourite version on the package and should be a bomb in the more intelligent back rooms out there. More magic from Crossfade Sounds, we love this release. Highly Recommended.

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