Dousk – Look Good Tonight BC Edition (Balkan Connection)

The latest release on Balkan Connection finds the label revisiting it’s highly acclaimed BC Edition Series with Dousk’s ‘Look Good Tonight’.


Originally released in July of 2013 on the always excellent Proton Music ‘Look Good Tonight’ is one of many classic Dousk productions. It was the lead piece on the Greek producers ‘Bisocial’ EP which also included the equally amazing ‘Jit Jit’. Fast forward 20 months and the track gets new life courtesy of Balkan Connection with remixes from Nocturna and Hugo Ibarra & Uvo.

The first interpretation of ‘Look Good Tonight’ is supplied by Nocturna who were one of 2014’s freshest new names. Andrea Cassino and Danny Lloyd who are both quite accomplished in their solo careers make up the Nocturna duo and debuted the alias in June with their ‘Big Bang’ EP on Hernan Cataneo’s Sudbeat Music imprint. To date that has been the only Nocturna project so fans of this new production duo (myself included) are thrilled to see a remix from them here. What I loved about ‘Big Bang’ was its ultra smooth yet funky vibe. The timeless sensibilities were very appealing and their ‘Look Good Tonight’ remix is of similar quality. The distinctive groove from the original has been smoothed out somewhat and the result is a foundation that retains much of the funkiness but with a more modern hypnotic drift. The detailed drum work along with a sequence of catchy hooks shine and the simplistic nature of piece is sure to make it sound great with age. Excellent remix from Nocturna.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Look Good Tonight’ is provided by Hugo Ibarra and Uvo who as a duo are returning to Balkan Connection for their second appearance. The Mexican production team have continued a strong run of releases since initially collaborating in late 2013. They’ve not only appeared on great labels like Movement Recordings and Perspectives Digital but they established one of their own in Intemporal Music. For their ‘Look Good Tonight’ interpretation Hugo and Uvo have put their own hypnotic twist on the production with excellent results. The duos rumbling groove is well complemented with smooth lines that escalate with effortless flair as the track builds. A second act comprised of broken beats along with an effects laden re-entry really stands out and the bassy tones which dominate the finale are spectacular. Wonderful remix from Hugo and Uvo which rounds out another hugely successful BC Edition for Balkan Connection. Highly Recommended.

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