dPen & Kosmas Epsilon – Winter Is Coming (The Last Of Us Music)

The Last Of Us Music returns this week with a fresh collaboration from label boss dPen and Kosmas Epsilon.

dPen & Kosmas Epsilon - Winter Is Coming

The two Greek artists (although Kosmas now resides in Mexico) present their first collaborative project this week entitled ‘Winter Is Coming’. Both have enjoyed great success throughout 2015 working solo and with their first joint production promises to be even better alongside remixes from James Gill and Adrianos Papadeas. 

When two artists with the creativity of dPen and Kosmas get together you expect something special to be conceived. ‘Winter Is Coming’ more than lives up to the hype with its soulful motifs and groovy framework. Smooth, well sculpted bass stabs carve out a melodious foundation, which builds some wonderful emotion throughout. It’s the granular synth elements and indistinct harmonies which elevate the track to that perfect space of serene beauty, all while retaining the great drive and fluid energy which anchors the piece. Wonderful work from dPen and Kosmas which is sure to keep you warm with winter approaching.

The first interpretation of ‘Winter is Coming’ is provided by James Gill who is making his first appearance on The Last Of Us Music. The US producer saw his first project for Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music released in February of this year. The five track EP set a high precedent moving forward and aside from a remix and contribution to System’s ‘Proximity Effect’ (which he compiled) in the Spring James has been quiet ever since. Word has it he is hard at work in the studio and a follow up EP is on the horizon. To tide his growing fan base over a new remix here is certainly a welcome one. James has gone a touch deeper with a funkier and more subversive take on the groove. The strong musical themes from the original have been adequately downplayed while still retaining the original spirit. Some lovely modulation throughout the main break adds some palpable tension before a soft band of white noise reveals that bumping groove for a great moment. Love this remix from James who really took the original elements and created something broader in appeal while keeping the original vibe intact. 

The second and final interpretation of ‘Winter Is Coming’ is provided by Adrianos Papadeas who is also making his first appearance on The Last Of Us. Also hailing from Greece, Adrianos heads up The Sound Of Everything label and has been a fixture in his countries electronic music culture since the early 1990’s. A time tested discography boasts appearances on Armada Music, Swift Recordings and Baroque Records all during the label’s foremost moments. We last heard from Adrianos in July of this year when his remix of Junior Pappa’s ‘Caprice’ was released on Us and Them Records. You never know quite what to expect from the Greek producer but timeless and groovy is a good bet and that’s exactly what he’s delivered on his ‘Winter Is Coming’ interpretation. Anchored by a full, rolling groove the piece exudes incredible warmth and drive straight away. A well crafted break showcases a playfully, drummy build which adds just the right amount of anticipation for the return of that classic house groove. Great club rendition from Adrianos which rounds out a very strong release on The Last Of Us, with the original and James’ version standing out for me. Don’t miss it.

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