For those who have been living under a rock for the past decade, describe the Drumcomplex sound.

Drumcomplex sound is a wide spectrum of electronic music. It can be hard and raw but also melodic and deep.  I’ve djing for 20 years and have developed an eclectic music style.  I play records for the dancefloor.

As a production duo that have been working together for a long time now you must have perfected your work flow as a team, what type of equipment do you have in your studio and how does your creative process work? Where do you find inspiration from when writing your music?

Over the years our work flow changed. In the past we did all together from writing to mastering.

My brother Daniel is a sound engineer which works on different kind of music.  He is doing Pop, Rock as well as Electronic Music.  I am writing the most of the songs in my home studio on my laptop and with Ableton.  Later on my brother and me work together on the final arrangement and do the mixdown and mastering.

In our master studio we work with cubase on the the finals.

You are brothers so must spend a lot of time together, do you find it hard to separate your professional lives from your family life? Are there discussions about techno around the family dinner table?

Hahaha yes indeed there are a lot of discussions, sometimes around the diner table.  The rest of the family is usually bored over what we’re talking about.

There are no problems between us in private.  We have the same interest and we both like to talk the whole day over music.

You have collaborated with a long list of quality producers, who have you enjoyed working with the most? Are there any other acts you would love to collaborate with?

I cannot say which collobarations was the most fun. The last year i worked with Pascal Dior which was a bit more tech-house oriantated, with Krenzlin from Tresor Berlin and Red Sqaure which was more Detroit Techno.

And last but not least i teamed up with my friend Roel Salemink which is big fun for me.  We both are really energetic in what we are doing.  Right now we have more then 20 Projects finished which will come out the next months.

If you could choose any song or track from history to do a remix of, what would it be?

Definitly Jeff Mills – The Bells

Arnd takes the reigns and represents Drumcomplex for all public shows, has Daniel ever wanted to join Arnd on the road to DJ as well? Do you both look for tunes for the DJ sets or is this Arnd’s job?

When we started Drumcomplex in 2002 Daniel played some shows as a live act, but he is more an introvert person which is feeling fine in the studio.  I am the totally opposite i like to stay and perform on the stage.  Maybe that is the key why Drumcomplex is doing well for more then 10 years.  I have the experience on the road and Daniel the know how behind the mixer in our studio.

Drumcomplex sits alongside the heavyweights of techno on the lineups of the biggest clubs and festivals in the world, where is your favourite place to play?  Do you prefer festivals or clubs?

There are a lot of big venues around the globe.  But if i have to choose my favourite club, I would say Tresor Berlin. Its raw, dark and really energetic. I am playing also a lot in  in the Netherlands at the moment and i really love the Dutch People.

You have witnessed first hand the growth and evolution of the scene over a long period, what is your opinion on the current state of the techno scene?

I’ve been playing as a dj since 1993 and i have a lot of experience, there a lot of different sytles of electronic music which comes and goes. 2000 – 2006 the Techno Scene was really big, then we had that Minimal Hype. In 2012/2013 Techno is back and i am totally happy that the audience is more interested in what i love to play -TECHNO

What do you have coming up in terms of releases and gigs?

My own schedule is getting really busy at the moment.  Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink are looking forward to a lot of upcoming shows together around the globe.  We’re both playing as DJ & Live Act together which will be really big!

For up and coming shows visit

We’ve got tracks coming out on:  RELEASE, Phobiq, Bush, Driving Forces Recordings, Frequenza, Deeperfect, Bla Bla Music – and we’re also working on new material!!!!

You’ve made a podcast for us, can you describe what the listeners should expect?

This is actually live recording of my performance at Tresor Berlin on 19.01.2013 its dark and powerful.  That night was totally unbelievable and the crowd was going really crazy!  Enjoy!!!


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