Dustin Nantais – Cloak / A Long Road feat. Amber Long (MNL)

Dustin Nantais returns to Manual Music’s MNL offshoot this week with ‘Cloak / A Long Road’.

Dustin Nantais

The Canadian producer has appeared on the label four times in the past, one of which was his highly memorable ‘Dark Corner EP’. It marked the beginning of what has been a fruitful relationship with the Dutch label collective. Dustin has since appeared on Manual Music four times and has been a regular studio partner of label boss Paul Hazendonk. Dustin’s latest for MNL features two a-side quality cuts with the second featuring vocals of fellow Canadian Amber Long.

Dustin’s latest work ‘Rumours’ for Perspectives Digital showcased a deep, playful and funkier side of the Canadian’s studio repertoire. The lead track here ‘Cloak’ falls well in line with that. Dustin’s slowly becoming recognized for his excellent groove carving skills and this comes with another menacing wall of undulated bass stabs. A set of mischievous tones and haunting pads carry the track into the main break where lead hooks lift the intensity up a few notches. A tasteful re-entry sets the third act in motion which is highlighted by great chord changes and a nice modular fill. Awesome tune from Dustin and one that should be dynamite on the dance floor.

The companion piece ‘A Long Road’ finds Dustin crafting a floaty, dreamy wonder which is accented with the gorgeous voice of Amber Long. Warm bubbly grooves; fluid lines and rolling rhythms lay down a great framework as the subtle motifs develop. Amber’s heartrending vocals add a lot here but it’s more from the ‘voice as an instrument’ perspective. Her breathy wails are filled with emotive character and it complements Dustin’s lush grooves perfectly. The main break sees the lead melodic theme escalate slightly for a grander appeal but it all gets washed away at precisely the right moment when the beats drop back in. Two wonderful productions from Dustin and another on the money release from MNL. Don’t miss it.

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