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Dustin Nantais – Marching Through The Universe Remixes (Wide Angle Recordings)

The latest release on Wide Angle Recordings finds the long standing Canadian imprint celebrating their 50th release.

Dustin Nantais - Marching Through The Universe Remixes

Earlier this year Dustin Nantais released his hugely popular ‘Marching Through the Universe’ which not only enjoyed an extended stay in Beatport’s progressive house charts but was supported and played by Lee Burridge. Now for Wide Angle’s 50th release we see the label revisiting the much loved track with two new interpretations from Pole Folder and Mauro Norti.

The fist interpretation of ‘Marching Through The Universe’ is provided by Pole Folder who is making his first appearance on Wide Angle Recordings. The Belgian producer rose to electronic music stardom in 2001 when a string of productions including ‘Apollo Vibes’ and ‘Dust’ were signed to John Digweed’s Bedrock Records. The label then commissioned Pole Folder to record his first studio album entitled ‘Zero Gold’ which was released in 2004. Fast forward nearly 12 years and the Belgian producer remains a staple of the industry’s top labels from Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music to rising brands like Soundteller Records, Clinique Recordings and of course his own Reworck imprint. All Pole Folder productions carry a certain mystique about them, often taking you to mystical, enchanting places that few other tracks do, his interpretation of ‘Marching Through The Universe’ is no different. It’s deep musicality is just so alluring and the effortless flow of the piece as a whole is just a joy to listen to. Anchored by a warm, perfectly contoured groove the track moves through an evolving story board of soulful hooks, sultry vocal samples and emotive textures. There’s certainly no big, sledgehammer cracking the egg moment, but rather a fluid, effortless journey of sonic perfection that you could listen to endlessly. Wonderful remix from Pole Folder. 

The second and final interpretation of ‘Marching Through The Universe’ is provided by Mauro Norti who is making his sixth appearance on Wide Angle Recordings. Hailing from Belarus, Mauro has long been one of his country’s most beloved electronica producers. The detail and craftsmanship he exemplifies on each production is truly astounding. Looking over his discography you see countless memorable productions, most notably for Travis MacDonald’s Agara Music, Cinematique and Grrreat Recordings. It’s great to see Mauro with a new production here as it’s been over a year since his last release. He’s done a marvellous job on ‘Marching Through The Universe’, reshaping it into a quirky, compelling piece of electronica. It’s warm, fuzzed out foundation and kaleidoscopic key sequences are completely mesmerizing, ultimately leading to a break initiated by some wonderfully reprocessed vocals. A twisted second act builds a wealth of drama and tension before the kick eventually drops and those phasing vocals lock down the groove for a killer third act conclusion. Another hugely creative production from Mauro which rounds out perhaps the best release on Wide Angle Recordings yet. Highly Recommended.

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