Dynamic Illusion – Run Away (Suffused Music)

The 111th release on Suffused Music welcomes Dynamic Illusion back to the label for a brand new EP.

Dynamic Illusion - Run Away

Dynamic Illusion hails from Hungary and first appeared on the Lithuanian imprint in December of 2013 with a remix of ‘Mars One’ by Tabriz & Zuckermann. His discography dates back to 2006 with appearances on Armada Music and Blackhole Recordings being two of the highlights. Daniel now returns to Suffused Music for his long awaited debut EP entitled ‘Run Away’.

Dynamic Illusion has long been noted for being equally adept at crafting deep and melodious progressive house as he is chunky breakbeats. His sound has constantly evolved over his now 10 year career and for the EPs first cut we see him throwing back for a classic progressive house style cut. Led by ragged synths and on open air kick there’s a discernible tension building in this one. An evolving atmospheric storyboard lifts the groove higher with each successive loop and on to an elating conclusion.
This sets up the appropriately titled ‘Massive’ with its chunky groove and ethereal vocal elements. The meaty foundation is a delight for your feet as a well crafted vocal narrative unfolds into the main break. Here a blend of ghostly electronics sweeps across the framework and elevates the vocals into angelic territory. A second half of sultry beats keeps the late night vibe intact and carries the track to a classy conclusion.

Next up is ‘Siren’ which finds Dynamic Illusion travelling into more melodic territory. The Hungarian’s warm textures and fluid grooves come to life here with a dulcet intro tailor made for a sunrise moment. As the melodic structures begin to take shape acidic hooks roughen up the groove nicely and momentum builds towards the main break. The interlude strips right down to a gaseous soundscape as more prominent vocals get introduced. Angelic in nature, they lift the emotion to heavenly proportions and carry on, through an exhilarating conclusion of swirling harmonics.

The EP concludes with not only it’s title cut but also its full vocal composition featuring the talents of Kelly Noland. ‘Run Away’ flows with effortless flair through compassionate motifs and sultry vocal styling’s. It’s sleek, laid back nature is perhaps what’s most appealing along with a heavenly break which sets up a gorgeous conclusion of layered vocals and strong musical themes. A brilliant debut EP for Dynamic Illusion on Suffused Music. Don’t miss it.

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