East Cafe – No Need To Hide (Golden Wings Music)

East Cafe returns to Golden Wings Music for his first single of 2015 entitled ‘No Need To Hide’.

ast Cafe - No Need To Hide - 1

Golden Wings Music was one of 2014’s best new electronic music imprints. The Argentinean label ended the year with four solid releases on its discography and an artist roster which includes the likes of Nikko.Z, Marc Poppcke, Marcelo Vasami and Luis Bondio. 2015 begins with the label continuing its strong momentum and showcasing a brand new single from East Cafe entitled ‘No Need To Hide.’

Much like Golden Wings East Cafe had an incredible 2014. In addition to launching his own Time Capsule imprint the Hungarian producer added several impressive productions to his discography. Appearances on 3rd Avenue, Balkan Connection, Clinique Recordings and Stellar Fountain have been some of the highlights and he’s gotten 2015 off to a great start with ‘No Need To Hide’. It comes in decided deeper than some of East Cafe’s previous work and the atmosphere and groove are all the better for it. A sultry foundation of smooth chord changes along with a soft hypnotic overlay creates the perfect canvas for what are some of the Hungarian producer’s best ever melodic hooks. It’s a grandiose sounding theme and one which will certainly stick with you long after just one listen. The beauty of it as well is the main theme is not over used but rather teased during the records first and third acts. The coolness of the groove more than carries the track otherwise. Excellent work from East Cafe.

The lone interpretation of ‘No Need To Hide’ is provided by Diyo who is making his first appearance on Golden Wings Music. The long time veteran of the Argentinean scene had a relatively quiet 2014 with just three remixes released courtesy of Baires Records, Balkan Connection and Soundteller Records. Diyo has never been one to over produce and a quick look at his six and half year discography clearly shows that. It certainly makes each production which comes out of his studio that much more anticipated and he’s turned in a real beauty here. The soft hypnotic lines from East Cafe’s original have translated well on Diyo’s atmospheric groover. The swirling soundscapes and sparkling harmonies are a true delight for the senses and the gradual, slow burning build is captivating every step of the way. Gorgeous remix from Diyo and a great start to 2015 for Golden Wings Music. Highly Recommended.

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