Eduardo Serio & Parlange – Lamb Sky (dPen Remixes) [The Last Of Us Music]

The latest release on The Last Of Us finds label boss dPen stepping back into the spotlight with two brand new remixes.


We last heard from the Greek artist in February of this year when his ‘Northern Tales’ collaboration with Nick Varon was released. Accompanied by a Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile remix the project launched The Last of Us and set a very high precedent for the label. dPen now returns to his home imprint with two brand new interpretations of ‘Lamb Sky’ by Eduardo Serio & Parlange.

dPen’s main mix starts the release off with an energetic, uptempo vibe. Big beats, smooth tonal designs and rolling percussion build some big momentum early. A bright stab initiates a short break which ups the drama and ultimately sets the stage for the main motif to work its magic. As the flute theme fades into the mix the vibe is pretty amazing, there’s a lot of soul in those lines and they’re bound for many a goosebump moment. The main break however works away from this (which is quite nice), with a more spacey approach. Alien like hypnotics and an esoteric hook make for a really unique interlude, which culminates with a massive build, complete with white noise and a rush of beats and drums. Just a gigantic tune from dPen.

On the dub mix dPen goes a bit groovier while still keeping the tempo quite high. Scattered percs, wavering synths and indistinct vocal stabs make for a huge peak time vibe at the outset, and it just gets larger from there. The stripped down second act and subsequent short break takes things a step further with an acid-like line further assaulting your senses. It’s a great complement to the main mix which rounds out the release on a huge note. Keep an eye on The Last Of Us, there’s some good things cooking there. Highly Recommended. 

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