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Ehohroma – Ghost City (Wide Angle Recordings)

Canadian label Wide Angle Recordings once again delivers on its reputation as an innovative musical engine, this time by introducing Greek artist, Ehohroma. This young producer’s rich and unique style was a perfect compliment to the label and the result of their first partnership is the hauntingly lush 4-track EP, Ghost City.

The release begins with the title track, Ghost City, an atmospheric journey comprised of rich field recordings, whisper-like pads, and surreal synths. The track drives along with a bassline that sounds as though it was stripped from the industrial revolution while the percussion is kept to minimum to let the detailed textures shine through.

The EP moves into more uplifting territory with the second track, Mute. Here, Ehohroma creates a whimsical listening experience with airy pads and light fluttering percussion. Mute is defined, however, by it’s surprise drop almost mid-way through the track and it’s cleverly arranged harmonies.

The third track in Ghost City finds middle ground between the lighter and darker sides of Ehohroma. Noise of an Empty Bottle is a sombre yet highly innovative ambient track that conjures images in direct relation with its name; misty, dark seas and the unknown that lies within them. And like a mysterious body of water, Noise of an Empty Bottle will pull you in and surround you hypnotic textures.

The last track in this EP comes from Wide Angle Recordings founder Blake Sutherland, with the objective of finding common ground between the dancefloor and the lush textures of Noise of an Empty Bottle. Pulling out some of the defining elements of the original while adding his own visions of an empty bottle at sea, Blake Sutherland delivers a re-shaped version full of low end and captivating melodies.

Ghost City is rich listening experience that ushers in Ehohroma’s place as an emerging talent in the melodic techno and progressive house scene. Keep a close eye on him throughout 2013. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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