Electric Rescue: i’m back to roots!

Electric Rescue is one of the best electronic music talents to ever come out of France. Now a world renowned artist whose productions are routinely played by John Digweed, Laurent Garnier, Sven Väth, Slam, Dubfire and Stephan Bodzin. His new ‘Sonic Architecture’ LP has just been released on Bedrock to much critical acclaim. It’s a fabulous collection of music which John Digweed himself sums up best with his take on it: “a techno album without limits, with different textures and colorations having always this specific rave spirit and sonority”. We had a chance to catch up with Electric Rescue following the release of his album. He’s been busy in the studio as several new projects and collaborations are on the way. A transcription of the interview is below and we hope you enjoy it.


Hi Antoine! thanks very much for taking the time to do this interview. Let’s start with some background information. How old are you and how long have you been producing / DJing?

Electric Rescue: I’m 40 I’m from the first rave generation, discover electronic dance music during the end of the 80’s with the first acid house sounds and techno. I’m djing for 23 years and produce for 18 years. i had the chance to express myself in the early first raves at the beginning of the 90’s

2. What are your earliest memories of music, what did you listen to growing up? How did you get involved in electronic music and what made you decide to pursue it full time?

Electric Rescue:  I always listened to music, when I was a little kid, I listened and listened many records of everything pop, rock, etc. I improvise false radio music broadcast in my bedroom. After when I was young teenager I discover electronic music through Dépêche Mode, Jean Michel Jarre, some new age artists like Yanni, Vangelis, etc … but I also listened to some British pop and hip hop. I quickly discover techno music in the first club who proposed that music in Paris at this period, “boy” club was the only place to listen underground techno music. I had many incredible music experiences there who gave me the energy and the passion to involve myself in the electro scene. Firstly as dj, I had the chance to express myself in the first Parisian raves in 92 and I never stop. I quickly start to produce music in 95 and my first tracks came out in 98 on my first label Calme records under the name of d’jedi. I took the name Electric Rescue later in 2000’s.

3. Did you have any formal music training growing up? in regards to composing or engineering / sound design  etc.? and if not did anyone help you out along the way?

Electric Rescue:  No I learn everything by myself, I always do everything just with the feeling. A friend of mine learn me some electronic music basis but quickly I did all the things by myself, work a lot to learn more and more. Then, for my first releases Laurent Garnier quickly support me and always push my musical project as more as he could. I had also Scan x who helped me technically in the choice of machines or techniques of production. But otherwise I build everything alone.

4. Your ‘Sonic Architecture’ album which was recently released on Bedrock is really incredible. Such a varied collection of music with so many unique sounds and themes. How did you go about recording this, did you have a specific vision for the album when you started it two years ago or is it something that just came together naturally?

Electric Rescue:  Sonic architecture came naturally in the last 2 past years, after the birth of my son. It influenced me a lot. it was a picture of that period, I love many kind of electronic music and I can’t only produce one kind of music. And of course an album was the best possibility to express it as good as I could. I gave a maximum of coloours I could in that LP. That album closed a period and as I don’t like repeat myself, I start new techno experiences now, with more rough techno sounds, as I loved early in the 90’s rough rave techno sounds, I’m back to roots.

5. Would you say ‘Sonic Architecture’ is the highlight of your career thus far? And what more would you like to achieve given that you’ve already had some incredible success?

Electric Rescue:  I don’t think Sonic Architecture is the highlight of my career, I have a career really regular as I produce a lot and I have the chance to have regularly good releases and I love to do all that projects. I’m not looking for big highlights, just good projects and progress everyday and stay as long as I can in that music scene.


6. You recently started an exciting new project called Mod3rn which is yourself, Maxime Dangles and Traumer. Talk a bit about that, when can we expect to hear something and what sort of vision do you have for this project?

Electric Rescue:  Maxime Dangles and Traumer are artists I develop since their beginning. Then they became very close friend of mine, naturally we start with Maxime some collabs who released on my own label Skryptom, but also others are coming on Flash, Phobiq and Herzblut. We have also done some battle live with Maxime. By their side Maxime and Traumer did the same. So it was logic to do the same 3 together. We started to produce some tracks together few weeks ago and we will propose that to some labels in the next month. Then we have some gigs plane and the first is in Montpellier in a festival on august 4th 2013, then we will see what happen, but it’s really a friend project with a lot of pleasure. We will do a combination of our solo tracks plus common tracks and some improvising with some loops and additional synths.

7. You’ve just had a remix of the popular Brazilian producer Andre Sobota released on microCastle, it’s an interesting project for you to remix, what attracted you to it and tell us a bit about the remix if you can.

Electric Rescue:  I prefer to remix good artists who are not in the same kind of music of mine and propose my dark techno vision with the artist samples and sounds. I prefer to take different texture that I’m using every day it’s more interesting it can open some door and do things I would never do if I was alone with my sound. It’s a good new experience to combine sounds I don’t use usually at the studio mix to mine. For that remix I gave a rough dark techno vision of Andre’s track.

8. We’ve heard some of your Dj sets and they always seem to have an interesting progression from darker, deeper material to more melodic and musical sounding records. Is this something you are consciously thinking about while you are playing and what producers tend to appear in your sets a lot? Who are some of your favourites?

Electric Rescue:  It depends of the time I play but if I play during the night or late, It’s true that most of the time I start my set with strong deep techno create a pure techno trance, not trance like goa or progressive trance, but a rhythmic deep techno who hypnotise and bring you to trance, then when the people seems to be in trance I open the field and bring more different thing like melodic or acid or original things. It’s difficult to give because I love so many ones, but I can say Traumer and Maxime Dangles of course, Psyk , Marcel Dettmann, Truncate, Leghau, Antigone, Mark Broom, Johannes Heil, The Welderz, Stephan Bodzin, Dustin Zahn, and sooooo many others.

9. Many of our readers are very curious about your studio setup, what does it look like right now and how does it differ now to say 10 years ago? Are you still using a lot of hardware?

Electric Rescue:  I have a combination of soft and hardware, I use a lot of plugs, UAD 2 card and plugs, I have also analog synth nanozwerg and doepfer dark energy 2, also acoustic instrument with mic etc, and I do my mix on a analog system, I convert everything with SSL converters Digital to analog then do my mix in a summing box audient sumo and reconvert analog to digital to bounce for mastering. 10 years ago I had a lot of hardware but sold everything then few month ago I re-bought some analog synths .

10. You’ve really grown in popularity over the last couple of years, have you been getting more gig offers? and is DJing something you enjoy or do you see yourself with more of a live show in the future?

Electric Rescue:  As I’m producing regularly my number of gigs always growing slowly but surely, but always growing. Nowadays I’m doing between 5 to 8 gigs a month all over the world, but most of them are in Europe. I’m really lucky and happy. I really love both dj and live I don’t prefer dj or live both are so different and interesting also, I can’t left one of them.

11. Your productions tend to vary quite a bit from darker sounding techno to more melodic material. What inspires the production process for you? How big of an influence are other artists or music genres when it comes to composing tracks? Could you give any examples?

Electric Rescue:  Everything inspire me every day, it can be other artist, it can be news on tv, it can be my family, it can be the weather, everything can inspire, maybe that’s why my music is so eclectic. It’s difficult to tell you how much can the other artist influence me, of course as everybody other artists influence me of course, but it’s difficult, I can’t tell you exactly.

12. What artist or track would you love to remix?

Electric Rescue:  Dépêche mode and Radiohead, would be my best dream, but also Laurent Garnier, Johannes Heil, but so many others difficult to give names it will takes a big page 🙂

13. There are so many people writing electronic music nowadays, who are some of the best undiscovered talents in your eyes?

Electric Rescue:  All the one I’m working with this days and will exposed in the next month, Traumer, Roman Poncet, The Welderz , Tenkei, Shekon, Leghau and more.

14. What was the first and last record you purchased?

Electric Rescue:  The first is too far, I can’t remember and the last was 5 differents 😉

15. What do you do outside of music? Do you have a regular day job and what do you like to do for fun when you’re not working on music?

Electric Rescue:  I’m passionate about architecture, it was my studies when I was younger 😉 but when I’m not doing music I spend time with my lovely wife, son and all my family I love.

16. If the final DJ/live set of your career was next week what would be your last track be?

Electric Rescue:  I always play like if it was the last time I play, because it’s so good to play music live. But I feel that you expect about the track who repreasant for me the more, TECHNO . I think we can say UR – world 2 world – amazone

17. What else can we expect to hear from Electric Rescue in 2013?

Electric Rescue:  Collabs with Maxime Dangles on Flash, Phobiq, Herzblut. Electric Rescue solo project arrive on Cocoon, Flash, Skryptom, Bedrock … And the remix on microCastle 🙂

18. And finally there are countless producers out there hoping to achieve the success you’ve had in the last year, what advice would you give them?

Electric Rescue:  Be yourself and don’t fall into tendencies and fashion but just take some ingredients to build your own personality to stay a long time in the music.

Electric Rescue’s ‘Sonic Architecture’ LP is out now on Bedrock, you can purchase the release: here

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