Electric Rescue On His New Albums and Re.Kod Moniker

The Frenchman is back on with two brand new albums!

With a career spanning 25 years, the world renowned Electric Rescue is considered one of the masters of French techno, neither conceding nor creating compromises.

Most people know you a from your productions as Electric Rescue, what made you invent Re.Kod alias and what’s the idea behind it?

Since the 80’s I’m fan of electronica music, I used to listen to electronica before techno, starting with kraftwerk, tangerine dream or art of noise, different kinds of electronica stuff. But when techno arrived in my life around the end of 80s beginning of 90s started occupying more place in my mind and that was when I also started DJing in 1990. However electronica came back to me through the label Warp and other small ones. I was super fan of Autechre, plaid and stuff like LFO (who was combining techno and electronica), along with many other who inspired me because they opened the field of creation and proposed electronic with no limits. When I started to produce techno, I also produced ambient and electronica stuffs for fun but as soon as I started putting our albums I was always trying to include some electronica tracks on but in the end this sound took more and more space in my creation. So it was evident that I had to create an alias dedicated to this kind of sound and propose a big amount of productions and experimentation with that alias.

One person, two different aliases working on two different albums, how was that possible?

When i work on an album i really don’t put limits to my creation and many things happen. End of 2018, i released my first Re.Kod album on WIC recordings but i wanted to push more ideas. However I had to finish lots of other projects as Electric Rescue and not as Re.Kod, so while I was working on a lot of techno stuff for the Electric Rescue album I came up with many experimentations and a lot of electronica stuff. I ended up having produced around 40 tracks so I decided that if I wantedto have those tracks out I had to find a ‘home’ to put them out. So the more warehouse and techno tracks went on my Electric Rescue album for Skryptöm and the more electronica and ambient ones for Re.Kod. Additionally I asked Gaspar Claus for his permission to release on the Re.Kod album 2 tracks we did together when we had the gigs together on the Bach project for variations and give another direction to that album. Alsot Ludowic, WIC recordings’ label boss, proposed me to do a collaboration so we released one of our tracks together on his Re.Kod album. My idea which thankfully Ludo and Joost, brothers and label managers of WIC seemed to like and agree, was to release these 2 albums on the same time as there is some musical common point.

Pre-order the album now on Bandcamp

The process of an album sometimes it’s really tough especially when it comes to the final track selection. How easy was it for you to choose which tracks go on each album?

To be honest it was quite difficult to make the final decision of the tracks cause I loved most of the tracks I made for both albums. Time made its work, I tried to test them as much as possible to see how they sound and feel on the dancefloor so the tracks I used to like initially became not so good in my ears and mind, and some others I felt not interesting revealed that they were finally super interesting. and tracklinsting always evolute to a final state i really felt that things couldn’t change anymore. Now I’m sure that it’s the tracklist i need for that moment, but i’m sure in some months i will feel something different. It’s always the same, things, tastes and wishes always change in my mind.

How long it took you to produce each album?

I did both albums at the same time. I started around end of 2018 and finished at the end of 2019. So basically these albums are like my wishes for a year.

It’s been over 20 years now that you’ve been making music, you have released countless LPs, EPs and singles but Esquisse du Nouveau Monde is your second personal album as Electric Rescue on your imprint Skryptom and Sketch From A New Era the second album on WIC Recordings as Re.Kod. Which were the moments in your musical career so far that defined you the most and changed you as an artist?

2020 marks 30 years since I started DJing and 26 years since I started producing music . Definitely it has been a long period of fun and knowledge. There were moments that really defined me, like the first Parisian me and the discover from Underground Resistance music that revelled me the way I want to take for my career, something dedicated to experimentations as techno as the music of the future, but also a music to gather people without scarification but just to share music and experience with people, simply with humility but force and engagement.

Other point was the evolution of my experience with the Rex club or the people from Astropolis where became a resident.

The feeling of the rave parties I organised in Paris, El.ue or Play parties really build and reinforce my state of mind built in the first Parisian.

Also really important role played all the artists that had the chance to meet along this time like Laurent Garnier, Manu Le Malin, Inigo Kennedy, Ludowic or Zadig and some others. These moments I had the chance to spent with them really defined my way of thinking, producing and evolving in this music world.

How difficult it is nowadays with so much social distraction for an artist to find inspiration and stay focused?

Passion, music is my passion and it’s stronger than me, i can’t really explain, i always have a lot of ideas of projects who’s coming to me. Everytime I meet strong artists that I like and admire I imagine collaborations and other creative things like Skryptöm collective or Skryptöbox. It’s not difficult, it’s easy when you are passionate you just have to follow your dreams and ideas, and be enough realist to make that happen.

What are your tips to someone who’s starting now to produce music?

Be yourself, Express what you really feel, don’t try to be someone else, just be yourself and express what you love. Whatever is in your mind try to put it out in your creativity, your thoughts, be sincere, engage yourself into it 200%, be lucid, and things will happen.

Name three things your fans don’t know about you.

Ah ahaha, i think that on my facebook profile I’m not hiding anything so i don’t really have something to reveal they would be interesting to know.


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