Emi Galvan: What’s In Your Box

With Emi Galvan having new music out now on MNL, we take a look at his favourite tracks of the moment in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

1. Emi Galván – Dreams [KMT Records]

This track gave me my first big satisfaction as a producer, thanks to Hernan Cattaneo who played it a lot on his tour all around the world. That hypnotic melody and voice it’s a kind of weird, too weird that I thought: “No one is gonna play this!” Haha, you never knows!

2. Erdi Irmak – Dowa [Movement Recordings]

One of the latest and favorite releases from Movement Recordings. Nice work of Erdi. Really love that deep bassline and the magical chords at the breakdown. Nice track from start to finish!

3. Alex O’Rion – Do It Twice (Emi Galvan Remix) [ICONYC]

This remix is very special for me. First of all, because it was my first opportunity of remixing a big artist like Alex. Someone who I started to listen in my early days of electronic music and I love his sound and style, a big pleasure! Second, because Nick Warren played it at Destino Arena, Buenos Aires and it was huge! It was a dream come true. I will be grateful for life for this.

4. D-Nox & Beckers – Mitsubishi [Sudbeat]

I have to say I’m a big fan of D-Nox & Beckers’s music. They have an unique style, all their tracks have their own vibe, always makes you laugh while you are dancing and this track isn’t an exception, really cool stuff!

5. Kamilo Sanclemente – Sea Of Tranquility [Clubsonica Records]

I been playing Kamilo’s tracks since I know him. Apart from being a really nice person, his music rocks. Each track is better from the last one. This one has an hypnotic melody that drives you to a deeper dancing journey. Superb stuff!

6. Emi Galván – Memo [Manual Music / MNL]

This is one of my own favorites till date. Has a really nice groovy bass and the vocal is everything for the track. As a singer I must to confess a problem. Everything I listen with one chord at least, I imagine a melody in my head and I have to sing it! I released some tracks with and without vocals. Some people like it, some others don’t. Hope you like this one!

7. Ziger – Systematic [Plattenbank]

Bomb track. If I want to get wild, this track is the answer! Ziger is making one bomb track after the other. I love this one. The chords at the breakdown are awesome. I want to leave the Cdjs and start jumping and dancing with the crowd. Top quality!

8. Juan Deminicis – Now Is Never (Original Mix)

Lovely melodic and kind of nostalgic track. I was playing this one at the end of my Dj sets. Juan always delivers! One of our big talents from Argentina. Really love his tracks, but this one is a special one. Play it traveling on the road, you have to try it!

9. Pablo German – Flying to BA (N’Pot Remix)

The original track has a great vibe with cool percussion, a lot of groove. N’Pot’s remix takes you on a deeper journey. Dark and deep, love N’Pot style! I played a lot his music, specially on warm-up sets. Great stuff!

10. Antrim – Iet Will Be this Time (Donatello Remix)

Last but not least, we have another mate from Argentina. Antrim has a unique style. Love his music. But I also want to share Donatello’s wonderful remix who adds his groove to the original one. Melodic groove, all you need to dance till day. Amazing music!

Emi has new music out now on MNL, you can purchase the release: here

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