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Erdi Irmak – Different Pitch / Breathless (Asymmetric Recordings)

The latest release on Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings welcomes Erdi Irmak back to the label for a new EP.

Erdi Irmak - Different Pitch

The Turkish producer last appeared on the long standing Israeli imprint in November of 2014 with a remix of ‘Kai Jin’ by Mariano Mellino and Dassie. 2015 has seen Erdi deliver a wide range of music from an electronica LP and EP to more of his traditional club material, which falls somewhere in the deep house / tech house realm. His two latest are most certainly the latter and look to be some of his strongest work to date.


The EP gets underway with ‘Different Pitch’, a driving, subby affair with a sinister vocal sample. The warm full groove generates great momentum while the fluid drum construction only enhances the flow. A processed vocal sample adds some raspy character to the otherwise liquid like framework. It’s a great contrast and following a short break a lovely layer of hypnotic glimmer drops in. Dubby stabs push the flow towards the main break where the vocal sample and indistinct electronics really shine. Void of any massive build, the re-entry is silky smooth and perfect for the energy which emanates from the piece. Wonderful production from Erdi. 

The companion piece ‘Breathless’ finds Erdi with a more direct dance floor construction. His trademark chuggy grooves and rhythmic hooks are quite strong here. Rough stabs add nicely to the hypnotic swing before an assault of vocal edits and trailing effects push the track into peak time territory. Void of any major break the energy stays high throughout and has that continual rising feeling of some of the more old school sounding stuff from years gone by. Huge tune from Erdi which closes the EP off with a bang and makes for another great release on Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings. Don’t miss it.

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