Erdi Irmak – The Secret Valley EP (Movement Recordings)

The 62nd release on Movement Recordings finds the label fresh off its 4 year anniversary and an outstanding 2012 schedule. For the labels second overall release of 2013 we have Erdi Irmak making his debut on the label. The Turkish producer  built up an amazing discography over the course of 2012 that included releases on Bermudos, Crossfade Sounds, Mistique, Sangria, Soundteller and Stripped Digital. Erdi’s debut EP for Movement is entitled ‘The Secret Valley’ and is comes with three brand new original productions.

The title track starts the EP off with a wickedly undulating groove, scattered electronics and some gorgeous sequences of glassy key clusters. A cool pattern of soft rhythmic tones adds to the driving groove and some angelic sounding vocal gates expand the scope of the track as the main drop approaches.  Here a serene sounding atmosphere serves to lessen the tension for a brief moment before an epic synth hook fades in along with the massive bass line to produce a great climax to the drop. The track finishes with dance floor in mind as it comes with lots of melodic drive and some nice transitions to keep the floor rocking.

The second track ‘Space Dimension’ comes with a romping tech house style groove at the outset which sets the energy and anticipation high early on. A fresh vocal sample, airy synth hooks and a barrage of floor friendly drums build the tracks momentum even higher towards the heart of the record. The track strips down slowly into the main break and a good portion of the drums are kept in to avoid losing the wicked groove. The subtly swirling atmosphere slowly builds with the ear catching vocal sample adding to the now tension filled break. As the framework drops back in the atmosphere is pulled away in favour of the energetic, romping groove which should see a huge reaction from your dance floor after the nearly two minute drop.

The final track on the EP ‘Apples’ comes with a much dreamier, atmospheric quality than the previous two dance floor killers. ‘Apples’ is filled with gorgeous bells, warm pads, bubbly electronic accents and another one of Erdi’s trademark tech house grooves. The soft incandescent atmosphere combined with the endless trails of glassy keys is what’s so brilliant here, such a heavenly vibe that would be perfect for a sunrise set. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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