Erich Von Kollar – Parallel Flashbacks (Soundteller Records)

The last release (from Flying Point) on Deersky’s Soundteller Records found the label exploring a more contemporary electronica sound. It’s always a big risk because you never know how people might react but it was one of the labels strongest releases in our opinion. This week Soundteller returns for its 15th overall release and it sees the label going back to its progressive roots. Hungarian producer Erich Von Kollar makes his debut on the label with his latest single ‘Parallel Flashbacks’ which includes remixes from: Cut Knob, Lautaro Varela and Marcelo Paladini.

Stellar Fountain’s Erich Von Kollar has very quietly been producing some progressive gems this year. His remix of East Cafe’s ‘Liebesleid’ was played by Cid Inc. on his recent North American tour and ‘Parallel Flashbacks’ looks to be his strongest original to date. The tracks deep and hypnotic groove is immediately captivating as the atmosphere slowly begins to build. A set of soft stabs adds to the groove while some cool hits add a nice bit of crunch to the otherwise soft and smooth sounding mix. The delicate sounding hypnotic elements are really what stand out, they’re very simple but with just the right processing they add such a cool vibe which carries the track nicely. The peak of the record features some rougher sounding low end rumblings which provides just the right amount of character for a tasteful conclusion. Great stuff from Erich and can’t wait to hear more from him.

The first remix is provided by Cut Knob who are returning to Soundteller for their second appearance. The Colombian duo first appeared on the label with their ‘The Black Virgen’ single which was Soundteller’s ninth overall release. Cut Knob also delivered one of the year’s coolest bootlegs as they masterfully reworked Weekend World’s ‘The Word’ which was a staple of our Hype Charts back in August. For their ‘Parallel Flashbacks’ interpretation Cut Knob have provided a touch more punch while still staying true to the smooth hypnotic theme from Erich’s original. Dynamic drum fills and a killer set of rhythmic stabs more than give Cut Knob’s version a peak time, epic drive that should be huge on the dance floor.

The second remix comes from Lautaro Varela who is making his first appearance Soundteller here. The Argentinean producer has had a strong year with key releases on 3rd Avenue, Mistique and Balkan Connection. Lautaro’s ‘Parallel Flashbacks’ interpretation complements the previous mixes very well. It’s a deeper, late night sounding take on things that’s quite refreshing. The drums have a slight tribal vibe which is not something you hear much anymore; it really opens Lautaro’s mix up and gives the framework a very spacious feel. The subtle hypnotic nature of the track is sure fire early material and should work wonders for building anticipation on the dance floor.

The final remix on the release comes from Marcelo Paladini who just dropped his ‘Olive Man’ EP (also on Soundteller) last month. The Argentinean producer first came to our attention with his releases on Travis MacDonald’s Agara Music. Marcelo also went on to appear on 3rd Avenue and Magic Room later this year and we’ve been enjoying his solo work as well as his many collaborations. His remix of ‘Parallel Flashbacks’ closes the release out with a dreamy, atmospheric vibe that’s wonderful. The smooth hypnotic elements from Erich’s original are perfect for a denser, atmospheric sounding mix and Marcelo has really pulled it off. What really sticks out here is how the hazy backdrop casts a heavenly or almost celestial sounding vibe over the whole piece. It’s a magical way to end the release off that’s for sure. Great stuff from Marcelo and a top notch release from Deersky’s Soundteller Records.

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