Ewan Rill – Avik’s Day EP (Clinique Recordings)

Nick Quadrat’s Clinique Recordings has been one of 2014’s most consistent labels. Following a strict weekly release schedule the labels output is quiet staggering and almost every release has something quite worthwhile. This week sees Ewan Rill returning to the label for a brand new three track EP which features some of the Russian producers finest work yet this year.

One of Ewan’s strongest productions of 2014 was his remix of Gav Fraser’s ‘Think About Me’ which was released on Balkan Connection’s new BC2 imprint. The first track on the EP ‘Avik’s Day’ is easily on par with that. The groove has a warm, momentous energy that’s not only quite inviting but should prove very effective on dance floors all through the summer season. Phasing vocal pads and flickering electronics ignite the mix even further and then the melodic elements get dropped in. Sparkling pianos play off a lively acid line and lead the track into the break with supremely positive vibes. Here the bed of bubbly electronics is allowed to breath and set against a soft windswept backdrop its quite an emotional moment. The strong groove and playful synth lines soon return and push forward for an even more emotional second half conclusion. Love this one from Ewan, nothing overly complex but a feel good track for the warm months ahead. The remaining two tracks  ‘Deep Sea’ and Liveforms’ both offer unique alternatives as well with the latter being a dark, funky affair that comes with some really quirky hooks and an underlying grit that’s loaded with character. ‘Deep Sea’ on the other had is a more straight forward prog techno hybrid with lots of great modulation and a quirky melodic lead that teases your senses wonderfully. This is a great EP from Ewan with ‘Liveforms’ perhaps being my favourite on the release.

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