Ewan Rill – Fanatic (Majestic Family Records)

The latest release on Majestic Family Records features the return of Ewan Rill to the label.

Ewan Rill - Fanatic

The Russian artist has continued to be one of the most prolific producers around and we’ve already seen outstanding work from him this year on Balkan Connection, Abstract Space and PHW Elements. His latest single for Majestic Family is entitled ‘Fanatic’ and it includes Rick Pier O’Neil and K Nass remixes.

Ewan has become one of the most beloved underground artists in recent years. His energetic brand of classic progressive house remains a favourite with the old school lovers and ‘Fanatic’ is one of his more hypnotic works lately. Beginning with a big, driving groove the tracks presence is quite large early but some nice restraint along with way keeps it from getting too overblown. As with all of Ewan’s productions the groove and overall dance floor sensibility is very strong. The fluttery synth work and celestial sounding pads make for an enchanting journey and the chord changes add just right amount of emotion. Excellent stuff from Ewan.

The first interpretation of ‘Fanatic’ is provided by Rick Pier O’Neil who is making his first appearance on Majestic Family. The French producer has been a favourite of electronic music fans dating back almost 15 years to his productions on RPO Traxx and Garbage Records. Rick has been enjoying an amazing resurgence over the last year having released several great projects with outings on John OO Fleming’s JOOF Records and Micheal, Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Kunai Records being the most notable. For his ‘Fanatic’ interpretation Rick has stayed very true to the main themes from the original all while toughening up the groove in his signature style. it’s comes off a bit meaner and more driving while still retaining the dreaminess of the original at certain points; particularly during the third act climax. Awesome remix from Rick.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Fanatic’ is provided by K Nass who is making his first appearance on Majestic Family Records. The Egyptian producer first appeared on the scene with a string of releases for US label System Recordings and their System Odio offshoot in 2013. 2014 proved to be even bigger with originals for LuPS Records and Stellar Fountain along with remix productions for Abstract Space Recordings and PHW Elements. K Nass has aptly titled his ‘Fanatic’ interpretation ‘Dreamy’ and it does prove to be the deepest and dreamiest of the three here. Backed by a much funkier and more spacious groove along with a blissfully atmospheric top end it’s not only a worthy complement to the previous two versions but it closes the release out on a high note. Beautiful remix from K Nass and a great release from Majestic Family Records. Don’t miss it.

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